Electronic Billing

Indiana University South Bend advanced to all-electronic billing starting July 2006.

Currently bursar statements are available for viewing on and printing from One.IU through View/Pay Bursar Bill (IU Bursar Pay). Students and authorized payers receive email notifications when a new bill is generated and have access to the statements much faster than paper bills are available, providing greater time for remitting payment by the due date (whether paying electronically or by mail).

Beginning with the 2006-2007 academic year, paper bills will no longer be generated for bursar account activity. All students will receive an email when the monthly bill is available on the web. In addition, any authorized payer created by the student has the option of receiving these bill notifications.

Note: The move to electronic billing does not mean a change in your payment option.! You are not required to pay your bill on-line. You will be able to see your statement history through View/Pay Bursar Bill(IU Bursar Pay) and print copies as needed. You may elect to pay via View/Pay Bursar Bill (IU Bursar Pay), but you may also print a statement and mail it with your check to our payment processing address.