Frequently Asked Questions

Account Status

What is my balance?

One.IU is the easiest way to get up-to-date balance information. Sign onto and search "View/Pay Bursar Bill (IU Bursar Pay)".

Has my financial aid been credited?

Use One.IU to see what aid has credited to your account. If you think a credit is missing, use the "Financial Aid Information" tile to see the list of your awards. Contact the Financial Aid Office to determine why any awards have not credited to your bursar account.

When was my last payment received?

You can find this information on One.IU at Search/Choose the "View/Pay Bursar Bill (IU Bursar Pay)" tile. Choose the "History" tab at the top, select "Terms", and look under "Payments and Financial Aid" for the current semester.

There is a parking fine (library fine, etc,) on my bill - what is this for?

The department that charged your account keeps all records of your transactions. Contact the department directly for detailed information about the charge.

Why is my payment showing in the wrong semester?

If you made a payment on your bursar account after the system clock changes to a new semester, your payment will be date-stamped with the new semester even though it paid charges in the old semester.

Billing Information

How often are electronic bills generated?

Bills are generated when there is new activity on your account or if you did not pay your previous month's balance in full. The billing cycle runs every month, with the balance of new charges typically due the following month (past due charges are due immediately). A billing calendar, including payment due dates, is maintained on the bursar website at  An email notification will be sent to your IU email account when a new bill has been generated.

How do I know when my payment is due?

Each electronic bill has the due date in the top right corner. Your payment in full is due by that date. Any charges previously billed are late and the statement due date does not apply. These charges are due immediately.

What if I do not receive a bill?

If you do not receive an email notification of bill availability 14 days prior to a due date, please use "View/Pay Bursar Bill (IU Bursar Pay)" through One.IU, to determine the balance due. Failure to receive any email notification is not accepted as a reason for missing a payment due date, and you may be assessed a late payment fee. You can view/print your bill from IU Bursar Pay. Your One.IU bursar account information IS NOT THE SAME AS YOUR BILL.

Are there penalties for paying my bill after the due date?

If your payment is not received in the bursar's office by 5PM of the due date noted on your bill, your account will be considered past due. A student who has a past due balance will be prevented from receiving certain University services including, but not limited to, enrollment verification, transcripts, registration, and diplomas. A late fee is assessed each month to students who have not paid their balances.

Cost of Attendance

How do I get the most up-to-date fee information?

The Office of the Bursar maintains a website that gives current fees and other miscellaneous bursar information. Our website address is

When will I know the rates for the upcoming academic year?

The Office of the Bursar publishes a complete fee schedule on our website as soon as the fees are approved. Approved fees for the upcoming academic year are usually available by early June.

Electronic Billing

Bursar Bills Delivered Electronically

IU South Bend advanced to all-electronic billing starting Fall 2006. Currently our bursar statements are available for viewing on and printing from One.IU through IU Bursar Pay. Students and authorized payers receive email notifications when a new bill is generated and have access to the statements much faster than paper bills are available, providing greater time for remitting payment by the due date (whether paying electronically or by mail). Beginning with the 2006-2007 academic year, paper bills will no longer be generated for bursar account activity. All students will receive an email when the monthly bill is available on the web. In addition, any authorized payer created by the student has the option of receiving these bill notifications.  NOTE: The move to electronic billing does not mean a change in your payment options! You are not required to pay your bill on-line. You will be able to see your statement history through IU Bursar Pay and print copies as needed. You may elect to pay via IU Bursar Pay, but you may also print a statement and mail it with your check to our payment processing address.

How Do I Pay My Bill?

How do I pay my bill?

Return your payment by check or money order to the address on the bottom of your printable account statement. You may also deliver your payment by check or money order to the drop box outside of the Office of the Bursar, Administration Bldg room 100. Make all checks payable to Indiana University and include your name and University ID number on the front of each check. Remember to include the lower portion of your bill with your payment. Payments by cash or a combination of cash and check(s) may be taken to Room 100 in the Administration Bldg. for processing. Make a payment online from your checking or savings account from the the bursar home page just click the View/Pay Bursar Bill link. This will direct you to IU Bursar Pay, our electronic payment service. IU Bursar Pay also allows you to print current and previous statements; view payments made and view your account balance. You can  reach IU Bursar Pay while in One.IU at, search "View/Pay Bursar Bill (IU Bursar Bill)".

Paying past due charges: Your payment for past due charges must be posted to your account by 4:00 PM for your hold to be released that evening. You will be able to register the following business day.

You said Pay-by-Phone is being retired. Can I pay with a credit card in the office or on the web?

Yes, you can make a credit card payment via the web through One.IU, search "View/Pay Bursar Bill (IU Bursar Bill)".

Can I use a convenience check written on my credit card to pay my bursar bill?

Yes, if you have access to your credit card in that format you may write a check and mail it to the University for payment of your bursar account. Please contact your credit card provider about access and any additional fees that the provider might assess.

Is there an installment payment option?

IU South Bend now offers a four- month payment plan for advance registered students that includes a nominal monthly deferment charge. Please note:depending on when you register, you may be eligible only for a three- month or a two- month plan. Students must be enrolled in at least 3 credit hours to qualify for the payment plan. If you are eligible, the personal deferment amount will be printed on your e-bill. Approximately 25% of the total bill will be due before the semester begins. The remaining payments will be due approximately one month apart. See the Office on the Bursar homepage for the payment due dates for the current or upcoming semester.

What charges can I defer under the personal deferment plan?

You can defer any bursar charge for the current term. You will not be able to defer any charges from a previous term. For example: You can defer the fall term's tuition, mandatory fees, housing, parking, library fines, other course related fees.

Is there a cost involved in using the Personal Deferment Option?

A $15.00 service charge is assessed to students who elect the Personal Deferment Option for the initial term billing. An additional $15.00 is assessed for the second month that you use the deferment option.

Am I eligible for the Personal Deferment Option?

If you are eligible for the Personal Deferment Option, your statement will indicate a minimum payment amount. A student who is assessed two or more consecutive late payment fees due to late payment of bursar balance will not be offered the Personal Deferment Option.

Who do I need to notify if I would like to use the Personal Deferment Option?

There is no formal enrollment or notification necessary. You simply make the minimum payment listed on your bill by the due date.

IU Bursar Pay

How do I make a payment on the web?

The link to IU Bursar Pay, IU's eCheck payment application, may be found at One.IU: Log in, search "View/Pay Bursar Bill (IU Bursar Pay)".

Is IU Bursar Pay available 24 hours a day?


I am sure the password I entered is correct. Why won't it work?

Please remember that all login names and passwords are case sensitive.

Can I make a partial payment?

You can make a payment for a specific amount by clicking on "More Payment Options" and entering that amount in the payment box that you would like to pay.  NOTE: your current account balance must equal at least $1.00 or payment will not be allowed.

Why does it say that payment is not allowed?

If your current balance is less than one dollar you will not be able to make a payment. Also if the system is unavailable for any reason, you will not be able to complete a payment. You may try again at a later time.

Where can I find routing and account numbers?

All the information you need to make your payment is on the bottom of your paper check. Click on the question mark next to the field for which you need clarification. A picture of a check will show where to find the information you need.

I am an Authorized Payer. Why can't I see payments made by my student?

Your "Payment History" file in IU Bursar Pay shows only the payments you made on the account. You will not see payments made by your student or any other authorized payer. Only the student will have access to the entire history of IU Bursar Pay payments.

Is there a penalty for a returned IU Bursar Pay payment?

Yes. Electronic payments are treated in the same manner as paper check payments. Therefore, returned IU Bursar payments are subject to the same penalties: You may be assessed a returned payment fee of 5% of the amount of the payment with a minimum fee of $27.50. Payments used to release an encumbrance for registration which are subsequently returned will result in the cancellation of your classes. You could also be required to make future payments in guaranteed funds only, be subject to late payment fees and the loss of University Services.

I received an email notification that I have a new bill on IU Bursar Pay. Does this mean that I will not receive a paper bill in the mail?

Starting July 2006, Indiana University South Bend advanced to all electronic billing, which means that a paper bill will no longer be mailed. To view your bill, go to, search for and select "View/Pay Bursar Bill (IU Bursar Pay)", then select statement and open the PDF.

My IU Bursar Pay payment was returned by my bank (insufficient funds, incorrect account number, etc.) Was the payment attempted a second time?

No. The IU Bursar Pay electronic process does not resubmit rejected payments. However, Bank One will resubmit payments returned for insufficient funds prior to notifying IU Bursar Pay that your payment was not honored. If the payment is not honored on the second attempt, it will be returned to IU Bursar Pay and noted as a rejection.

I have not received an email notification. What do I do?

All IU students have email notifications sent to their official IU email address. You may verify this information through the Account Management System or contact UITS for assistance.

Authorized Payers provide their own address in the User Preferences menu of IU Bursar Pay. If you have not been receiving emails at this address, it may be one of a few reasons:

The email address is incorrect.  You may update the information by signing into IU Bursar Pay with your authorized login and password and, under User Preferences,  change the email address directly.

Your email address has changed since this one was entered into the system.  Again, you may update it through the User Preferences menu.

You may not have checked the box in IU Bursar Pay which indicated that you want to receive email notifications when a new bill is generated.  This may be also done in the User Preferences menu.

You may have spam blockers on your email address which will not allow the email notification to be delivered.  Most spam blockers request that you add the email address of the sender to your address book which will, in turn, allow the message to be delivered.

Refund Information

When will I get my financial aid refund?

Initial financial aid refunds will be released several days prior to the start of a semester for students who meet all eligibility requirements. Refer to the bursar web site for the particular term in question for more details. By direct deposit: Once you see 'refund' noted on your bursar account on One.IU, you know that IU has forwarded your funds to your chosen bank/financial institution. You can generally expect your funds to deposit in your bank account within 3 to 4 business days. Please check with your bank about the availability of your funds. By mail: If you do not have direct deposit your check will be mailed within 2 days of the date the refund is noted on your bursar account on One.IU. Please remember once the check is mailed Indiana University has no control over how long the post office takes to deliver it to you.

How will my refund be sent?

The quickest way to get a refund from your account is by setting up direct deposit to your bank account. You may do so on One.IU, by searching for and clicking on "Direct Deposit of Bursar Refunds". This may be set up with any bank in the United States.

If you choose not to set up direct deposit, your refund will be mailed to the address listed as your admissions address or your local address while you are enrolled.

How do I update my direct deposit information?

Should your bank or account number change, you can update your information by following the same process you used to set it up. Any information you enter will override the previous information automatically.

University ID

Where do I find my 10 digit University ID?

1. Log in to One.IU; 2. Search "University ID".  Your 10 digit University ID should be at the top of the new window which opens.