Fee Payment and Late Payment_________________________________

University policy requires timely payment for all charges owed to Indiana University, including but not necessarily limited to tuition, fees, library fines, and parking fines. Failure to make payments on time may subject you to additional charges. Any payment due the University that is not received by the due date is subject to a late payment fee. Timely payment of your account with approved financial aid, personal check (unless restricted), credit card or cash will ensure that you avoid the late fee assessment and keep your account in good standing.

Credit card or debit card payments are no longer accepted by phone or in the Cashiers' Office. These can be processed only online through IU Bursar Pay.

It is University policy that all current term charges must be paid in full before bursar clearance will be granted to register for a future semester. Remember to mail your payment at least one week before the due date to ensure that it is posted to your bursar account by the due date. Excess financial aid for a future term CANNOT be used to pay outstanding current term charges.