Academic Term 2014-2015 Fees

Tuition Cost Per Credit Hour

  In-State Out-of-State
Undergraduate $210.47 $583.00
Graduate $261.08 $615.08
Graduate Business $310.86 $697.38
Graduate Nursing $341.77 $996.25
Graduate Social Work $312.98 $807.66
  Special Summer Rates
For undergraduate students only
In-State Undergraduate Tuition $157.85/credit hour
Out-of-State Undergraduate Tuition $530.38/credit hour
Student Activity Fee $3.33/credit hour
$39.96 maximum
Repair and Rehabilitation Fee $3.75/credit hour
$45.00 maximum
Nursing program Fee $38.00/credit hour
$456.00 maximum
  Summer Technology Fees
For undergraduate students only
<=3 credit hours $42.95
> 3 through 6 credit hours $85.88
>6 through 9 credit hours $128.79
>9 through 12 credit hours $171.79
>12 through 15 credit hours $214.70
>15 credit hours $257.66

Mandatory Fees

Assessed to all students

  Student Activity Fee
<=6 credit hours $31.86
> 6 credit hours $63.72
Summer Graduate $4.44/credit hour
$53.28 maximum
  Technology Fees
<=3 credit hours $57.27
> 3 through 6 credit hours $114.50
>6 credit hours $171.72
  Summer Technology Fees
For graduate students only
<=3 credit hours $57.27
> 3 through 6 credit hours $114.50
>6 through 9 credit hours $171.72
>9 through 12 credit hours $229.05
>12 through 15 credit hours $286.27
>15 credit hours $343.54
  Repair & Rehabilitation Fees
IU Trustees approved a repair and rehabilitation fee beginning Fall 2011. The fee will help cover the cost of necessary repair work and ongoing maintenance for IU's 900 building and associated infrastructure.
per credit hour $5.00 with a max of $60.00/semester

Course Related Fees

Course-related fees are assessed to students enrolled in specific courses as listed in the Schedule of Classes.

ANTH-P 405 Field Trip $200.00
  E-textbook Platform Fee
Each eText course of less than 8 credit hours $6
For each eText course of 8–12.99 credit hours $12
For each eText course of 13 or more credit hours $18
Fine Arts Materials Fee $80.00
Business ETS Exam Fee,MBA $38.00
Business ETS Exam Fee, UG $31.80
  Lab Fees
computer lab level 1 $29.00
computer lab level 2 $44.50
computer lab level 3 $59.00
non computer lab $50.00
  Education Fees
Certification $38.00
Early Experience $50.00
Practicum $100.00
Student Teaching $230.00
Transition to Teach per semester $1,045.00
  Music Fees
Musical Instrument $50.00
Music Performance Study Fee
Fall/Spring $240.00
Summer 116.50
  Health Sciences Fees
Nursing Clinical $33.50 per contact hour
Psychology Practicum $80.00
Dental Hygiene Instruments $250.00per semester
Dental Assistant Instruments $100.00 per Year
Nursing Program Fee $50.67/credit hour
$608.04 maximum

River Crossing Campus Housing Fees

Housing Prepayment

→ Your prepayment must accompany your Housing application

Key Replacement $100.00
4 bedrooms/2 baths $2957.00
2 bedrooms/2 baths $3575.00
1 bedroom/1 bath $4469.00

Social Work Fees

Enrollment Deposit $100.00
Curriculum Verification $30.00

Miscellaneous Fees

  Admission Fees
Undergraduate, domestic $35.00
Graduate, domestic $40.00
Undergrad or grad, international $60.00

Advance College Project Courses $25/credit hour
Copyright Violation Processing Fee

→ This is a cost recovery charge for processing copyright violation notices that implicate currently enrolled students. Violations involve unathorized, illegal or otherwise inappropriate use of copyrighted material on the Indiana University network

Credit by Exam $21.50/credit hour
Dissertation Research $125.00
Duplicate Diploma $35.00
Financial Transcript $5.00
Foreign Language Placement $13.80
ID Card Replacement $10.00
International Services Fee

→ A fee is assessed to all international students to supplement the University's funding of essential advising and technical support functions required within the Office of International Services. These functions are directly related to unfunded federal mandates concerning immigration compliance.

Late Payment Fee

→ A monthly late fee of 1.5% is assessed to students who have not paid their bursar account balances by the due date on their e-bills. The late payment fee will continue to be assessed each month the account remains unpaid.

1.5% of balance

Late Registration Fee

  Fall & Spring
First Week $25.00
Second Week $50.00
Third Week $75.00
After Third Week $100.00
First Week $25.00
After First Week $50.00
Late Schedule Change Fee

→ A late schedule change fee is assessed for each course added after the 100% refund period during fall and spring semesters. It is assessed beginning with the start of SSI and SSII in the summer.

$22.00/class added
Math, Reading, English Placement $26.00
New Student Enrollment Fee $50.00
Parking Fee

→This is an optional fee that students choose each semester at the time of registration. If you intend to park on campus make sure the fee has been added to your bursar account.

$5.70 per credit hour
$85.50 maximum
Personal Deferment Service Charge

→ A fee is assessed for the privilege of deferring payment of a percentage of initial term fees. The deferred amount is payable by a specified due date which is noted on the account statement. Additional offerings allow deferral of the remaining balance.


Returned Check/Web ACH Payment Service Charge

A returned payment service charge is assessed for any payment (check or electronic) returned by the financial institution for any reason. The charge is the greater of $27.50 or 5% of the amount of the check, to a maximum charge of $250.00, as set forth by Indiana law.

Stop Payment Request Fee

A fee is assessed to students requesting a stop-payment be placed on a lost bursar refund check. The fee is waived if the student signs up for direct deposit of bursar refunds.

Transcript Fee $8.00
Transcript, expedited delivery service $5.00