Ethics in Business and Across the Curriculum

All faculty at IU South Bend are invited to attend a faculty workshop presentation on Ethics in Business and Across the Curriculum.

Date: Friday, February 25, 2011
Time: 1:00 PM-3:00 PM
Location: Alumni Room, 2nd Floor of Administration Building

This workshop is sponsored by the School of Business and Economics and presented by Dr. Mollie Painter-Morland, Associate Professor in the Department of Philosophy at DePaul University and Associate Director of DePaul's Institute for Business and Professional Ethics. The following are the topics of the workshop:

  • Can ethics be taught?
  • Is ethics "motherhood and apple-pie"?
  • Moral development theories
  • What can we teach regarding ethics?
  • Normative approaches to ethical decision-making
  • The power of stories
  • The use of social media in stimulating ethical questioning
  • Case analysis resources and examples of exercises
  • Further resources in integrating ethics into your courses

Dr. Painter-Morland, the Workshop speaker, serves as Editor-in-Chief of the Business and Professional Ethics Journal and as co-editor of Springer's Issues in Business Ethics series. Mollie has taught Business Ethics and Philosophy at tertiary institutions in the USA, France and South Africa. For many years, she was the Director of the Centre for Business and Professional Ethics at the University of Pretoria in South Africa, and she remains involved with the Centre's consulting projects and anti-corruption work on a part-time basis.

She is the author and co-editor of a number of books, namely: "Business Ethics as Practice: Ethics as the Everyday Business of Business "(Cambridge University Press, 2008), "Cutting- edge Issues in Business Ethics: Continental Challenges to Theory and Practice", co-edited with Patricia Werhane (Springer, 2008), "Leadership, Gender and Organization", co-edited with Patricia Werhane (Springer, 2010) and a textbook on "Business Ethics and Continental Philosophy" co-edited with René ten Bos (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 2011). She was also involved in editing a number of Special Issues of journals, such as the Special Issue on "Small and Medium-sized Enterprises" in the African Journal of Business Ethics (2009), with co-editor Laura Spence, and a Special Issue of Philosophy Today on "Continental Philosophy and Organization" (2010). She continues to publish peer reviewed articles in many of the most prominent journals in her field, including Business Ethics Quarterly, Journal of Business Ethics, and Business Ethics: A European Review.

For further information, contact Kathi Russell, School of Business and Economics, or 520-4487.