IU South Bend Lovin’ New McDonald’s Restaurant Design

Thursday, January 07, 2010

The McDonald’s Restaurant on Lincoln Way East and Ironwood Drive is a bastion of the River Park neighborhood and IU South Bend. It is close to campus housing and a short drive for everyone. 
It has provided drive through salvation for many a student and employee.

When owners David and Kathleen Sparks determined that the restaurant had seen better days and a rebuild was in order, they decided that the new facility would have a definite IU South Bend flavor with lots of crimson and cream. And to make it even more special, daughter Ashley joined in the decision making and design work.

McDonald's Building

Ashley Sparks is a marketing major at IU South Bend, but is currently reexamining her options. She was working in Florida when the Lincoln Way restaurant reopened in September.
Ashley said she enjoyed working with her mother on concepts and designs. There was a trip to California to consult with a design firm and numerous meetings. The aim was to create a coffee shop comfort with modern furniture and contemporary lines.
“There’s a lot of me in it (the design),” Ashley said. “It has a café feel to it.”

Inside new McDonald's

Her favorite design element is the red chair that combines the best of two different chairs. To her that’s a bragging point.
The red and stainless steel furniture is situated around a fireplace and two plasma televisions. Some IU South Bend memorabilia has been placed in a glass case near the front counter. A mural of the IU South Bend pedestrian bridge decorates the entrance.
Ashley returned for the grand opening in September and happy with the results. “I hope IU South Bend and the community likes what we’ve done.”