David Hughes

With an undergraduate degree in music, and job prospects in the arts in decline, David decided to explore getting his Master in Science Accounting at IU South Bend's Leighton School. As a non-degree seeking student, he began taking the nine undergraduate pre-requisite accounting courses required because his undergraduate degree was not in business. It wasn't long before he applied for full admission in the Leighton School's MSA program. "My first accounting classes were great," David recalled. "I was impressed with how knowledgeable the professors were, and their willingness to work with students."

With a semester to go, David feels like he's ready to get to work. "I've learned a lot in my time here," said David. "The faculty are very well prepared, and the coursework is rigorous." He'll be completing an internship in the spring, and studying for the CPA examination.

"I was lucky I had the opportunity to pursue my degree full-time," he remarked. "The MSA program is very flexible and accommodates working students very well, too. And you can't beat the price."