Fred Nawangana

Fred Nawangana

When Fred started his own IT consulting practice, he knew he had the technical skills, but he needed the business knowledge. “I wanted to understand the mind-set and thinking for entrepreneurs,” he explained, “so I could do my job better.”

Initially, he chose the Judd Leighton School of Business and Economics’ MBA program because it had a flexible schedule, affordable tuition, and a good reputation. Once he enrolled in the program, he discovered other benefits. “I liked that the majority of the student population are working professionals,” said Fred. “The questions and the discussions revolved around real-life issues in the work place, not just theory.”

Fred also appreciated the mix of tenured faculty and professionals in the field. “The Leighton School’s professors’ expertise in their professions and industries adds an extra layer of depth to the MBA program.”

Today, Fred is no longer working as a consultant; however, he uses the organizational management and leadership skills he learned in the MBA program to lead his team. “I developed strong organizational management and leadership skills in the Leighton School MBA program that I use every day to lead, manage, and market my team.”