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Hung Truong

Hung Truong

Hung earned his first master’s degree in computer science. Nevertheless as an IT developer working in the business world, his MS-MIT degree from the Leighton School has changed how he views his IT work. “My Leighton School MS-MIT degree opened a new vision of IT work for me,” he explained. “I’m still the same developer, but with the knowledge I acquired, I am able to create more useful applications for the people in my company.”

Acquiring a business vocabulary was key, said Hung, because he understood and could speak the language of the primary users of the computer applications he was developing. “l was able to talk about IT using their vocabulary, and that skill, along with others skills taught in the program, have increased my value as a developer.”

Hung especially appreciated that his MS-MIT professors had experience in the industry. “They were very insightful,” he said, “and they had a good understanding of how IT works in the real world.” Overall, Hung has found his MS-MIT degree was excellent preparation for his current role as a software engineer.