Kamilah Triplett

Kamilah Triplett

After earning her undergraduate degree in Finance, Kamilah began working as a financial planner, but found she wasn't satisfied with her job. Talking to a friend about her situation, her friend suggested she investigate graduate options at IU South Bend. "I talked to P.N., the director of Leighton School graduate programs, and he persuaded me to enroll in the Master of Science in Accounting (MSA) program."

In her coursework, she's not only learned business concepts, she's learned valuable job skills. "I've loved the experience," she explained. "The graduate program isn't just about textbook learning, my professors taught me how to make good presentations, speak confidently, and prepare for interviews."

Presentations, case studies, and group projects were a critical part of her MSA coursework. "I learned how to accept constructive criticism," she said. "I also learned how to reason, and determine what was important to emphasize in a presentation or a project."

In addition to pursing her MSA degree, Kamilah worked part-time in a small accounting practice, where she also gained some valuable on-the-job experience. Recently, she accepted a full-time job with Crowe Horwath, an international public accounting firm. "I don't think I would have gotten where I am today without the faculty and the students in the Leighton School MSA program."