Kamilah Triplett

Luping McGinness

A life-long learner, Luping completed her Master of Science in Accounting (MSA) degree at the Leighton School, and now she's working on her Master of Business Administration (MBA). She earned her undergraduate degree in China. When she came to the United States, and began work at 1st Source Bank, she took a computer science course at IUSB. But she discovered she could earn a master's degree in the same amount of time as she could earn a second undergraduate degree, so she decided to pursue her MSA.

She didn't stop there, today she's back pursuing an MBA. "I wanted to expand myself from a more technical person to a global thinker," she explained. "I want to learn more about the big picture."

From her previous experience at the Leighton School, she knew the faculty had a good mix of practitioners and research faculty. "I knew I would learn what I needed to learn from the Leighton School professors. I learn how the concepts apply in the real world, and I stay current on the most recent research in the areas," she explained.

In addition, to expanding her knowledge base, Luping says her graduate education has impacted her life in several ways. "It has definitely helped me advance in my career at 1st Source," she said. "It also has enabled me to better myself, and improve my skills."