Northern Indiana Innovation Competition

Northern Indiana Innovation Competition

As an undergraduate student, you have a wide range of talents and abilities that often go underdeveloped because you are focused on completing coursework. As part of your coursework, you notice opportunities for innovation—something that is new and useful to a group or for a new or existing market.

Innovations are manifested in more effective products, processes, services, and technologies that are available to markets, governments, and society. For example, undergraduate students have developed:

  • a ceramic alternative to standard titanium for a new dental implant for integration into a patient's jawbone
  • new-to-the-world inorganic polymers
  • water-based paint balls
  • automatic in-engine compartment fire extinguishers for race cars
  • a headband that fits comfortably around the ears and forehead and removes both the sound and light
  • versatile cars
  • flying platforms that operate cameras and other sensors for physically difficult to access or dangerous locations
  • a unique LED lighting kit for all kinds of sporting equipment

The purpose of the Northern Indiana Innovation Competition (NIIC) is to further develop your talents and abilities and to prepare you for an ever changing innovation-driven business environment and society.

NIIC provides a venue for you to have a real world learning experience, exposure to and expert feedback from local, national, and international business executives. Participating in the NIIC offers you an opportunity to put your education into action and learn first-hand from business executives how valuable your education is to them.