Northern Indiana Innovation Competition

Guidelines for Submission

To enter the Second Annual Northern Indiana Innovation Competition (NIIC), a complete Intent to Compete Form is required. Your Intent to Compete Form is due before 9:00 am on Thursday, October 30, 2014. To make a complete online Intent to Compete Form an Innovation Description is necessary.

The Innovation Description should contain:

  1. a clear description of the innovation
  2. the benefits users will obtain from using the innovation
  3. who are the intended users of the innovation (the target market)
  4. what is needed to (further) develop the innovation, and
  5. an outline for the commercialization of the innovation. If commercialization of the innovation is considered, the Innovation Description should also outline major issues in commercialization of the innovation, e.g., tentative schedule for commercialization, potential obstacles for commercializing, and viability of commercializing the innovation.

The Innovation Description may not exceed 400 words.

It is recommended that the Innovation Description be developed for an audience of business executives. The Innovation Description is the principal method for judges to decide if you will qualify for the semi-finals and all judges at the competition will have a copy of your Innovation Description.

If you have any questions, please send an email to: