Ali Hassn El-Ammori

Undergraduate Programs

At the Leighton School, you'll find success in the classroom and in your future careers. Our faculty are not only outstanding researchers in their fields, but also passionate, caring educators, who prepare you to excel in today's fast-paced, dynamic business environment.

You'll Gain a Solid Foundation

The Leighton School curriculum is focused on providing you with a strong general education, as well as a solid base in the fundamentals of business administration that develops strong interpersonal, communications and decision-making skills. In addition, you'll complement your study with concentrated coursework in one or more of Leighton School's 12 career-oriented majors.

Real-World Practice

You'll not only learn in the classroom, but you'll also gain practical knowledge outside the classroom as a student at the Leighton School. From capstone classes, to client projects, to marketing competitions, to simulation labs, to internships in local businesses–these real-world applications give you a taste of doing business.