Michael Bannister

Michael initially began studying engineering on another campus, but he soon recognized it was not a good fit for him. As an employee in a small grocery business, Michael realized that he enjoyed talking to customers about what they want and what they want to do with it, and he felt he may be better suited in business. He joined the Leighton School as a marketing and advertising major, and he hasn’t looked back.

"Because class sizes are smaller," he explained, "I’ve developed relationships with most of my professors. They know me by name. You won’t get that on a large college campus." His professors even take a personal interest in his career search. "When I am preparing for an interview, my professors give me a pep talk and motivate me. They even pass on job leads as they hear about them," Michael commented.

Challenging relevant assignments, and the Creative Lab prepare students well for careers in advertising and marketing. "In advertising, we enter a national marketing competition as part of the coursework," said Michael. "The professors really encourage us to take advantage of the technology and equipment in the Creative Lab."

"I know what I’m learning is relevant to today’s business environment, because I use a few of the concepts in my current job at the grocery," he explained. "I dramatically increased the volume of sales this summer just by asking the right questions to determine what the customer wanted before I made a suggestion."