Y-Binh Ngo

Y-Binh enjoys studying different cultures, and she wants to work in business, so she decided to major in international business. The Leighton School was a good fit "because it had a nice campus, and it was close to home," she explained. "I’m Asian, and I’m very family oriented, so I was glad the IU South Bend’s Leighton School had a wide variety of business majors."

Fluent in Vietnamese, and moderately capable in French, Y-Binh’s expanding her language skills to include Japanese. "It’s the first Asian language that I have to learn a new alphabet," she commented. "I’m also exploring summer study abroad programs in southeast Asia."

Overall, her experience in the Leighton School has been positive. Her classes have been challenging, and her professors are very helpful. "IU South Bend’s Leighton School offers a good business education and college experience; I’m glad I didn’t have to go far away to get that."