COVID Vaccinations

COVID Vaccinations

In Indiana, COVID-19 vaccine eligibility is determined by the state, not IU. Visit to see if you're eligible and/or schedule an appointment to get the vaccine.

Yes, please use the COVID-19 vaccine reporting form. You should report after your first dose as well as your second dose. Having this information will help the university plan for future semesters. The more people in our campus community who receive the vaccine, the better chance we have at a more typical fall 2021.

The COVID-19 vaccine has been shown to reduce the risk of developing COVID-19 in clinical trials; however, it does not completely eliminate the possibility that you may get infected with the virus. After you get the COVID-19 vaccine, it is not yet clear whether you can still be asymptomatically infected or transmit the virus to others. 

The vaccine has not been studied long enough to determine how long immunity will last. Therefore, even if you are vaccinated, you should continue to follow CDC guidelines for masking, physical distancing, and hand hygiene. This guidance will continue until we have more scientific information about the duration of immunity and until the majority of the population is vaccinated, which is what it would take to achieve herd immunity.

Please remember that one dose of the vaccine is not enough to protect you from COVID-19; two doses are required for the vaccine to be effective. Protection begins seven to 14 days after the second vaccine dose.

No. If you are fully vaccinated (all doses of the vaccine plus two weeks from your last dose), you will not need to quarantine if you're identified as a close contact. You will, however, still need to report if you've been identified as a close contact outside of IU and will need to do daily symptom monitoring through IU's COVIDcheck.

No, having received the COVID-19 vaccine will not affect the results of a COVID-19 test. The vaccine would not cause a COVID-19 test to come back positive because it does not give you the live virus that causes COVID-19.

The vaccine will be provided to you free of charge. The group administering your vaccine will collect insurance information in case an administration fee is charged to your insurance, but you will not be expected to pay out of pocket.

The COVID-19 vaccine should not be given at the same time as any other vaccine, such as flu or pneumonia vaccines. It should be given alone with at least 14 days before or after receiving any other vaccine. Please consider prioritizing your COVID-19 vaccine over other vaccines.

The vaccines should be spread out because there isn’t any information about the safety and effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines given at the same time as other vaccines.

However, if mRNA COVID-19 vaccines are administered within 14 days of another vaccine, doses do not need to be repeated for either vaccine.

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