Campus Updates

COVID Campus Updates

IU South Bend wants to keep everyone healthy on campus and for students to receive exceptional educational experiences, be successful, and earn an IU degree. Learn about how we’re keeping you safe on campus this year. Check back often for updates.

Measures We Are Taking to Create a Safe Campus Environment


Please click here to see hours of operations for many facilities. For more details on the Student Activities Center and Titan Athletics, please visit their website.

Until otherwise noted, only essential travel will be permitted for those conducting IU South Bend business. Essential means necessary to perform core IU responsibilities or necessary for core functions of the university at this point in time.  There must also be no effective alternative to travel.  While travel to other IU campuses is permitted, other means of conducting IU business, such as teleconferencing, are strongly encouraged.

Essential travel must be approved by your supervisor using the Travel Approval Form.  All travelers must follow local restrictions and CDC travel guidance and if approved, travel arrangements must be made through Travel Management Services designated agencies.  You can read more about current travel policies here.

For Fall 2020 all in-person events must be approved in a multi-step process.  Contact Maureen Muldoon (, Special Events Coordinator, to request and discuss space and to obtain a copy of the “Fall 2020 IU South Bend Event Request Form”.

FIRST, this form must be completed and submitted to the Special Events Office.

SECOND, an IU South Bend Review Committee must approve your event.  If your event is for fewer than 25 people, then this is the final step.

THIRD, if the event is for 25 or more people, the IU-wide “Fall 2020 Event & Conference Request Form” must be completed and will be sent to a university-wide committee for approval.

FOURTH, if approved, the request will then be sent back to IU South Bend for chancellor approval.  If the event is for 25 or more people, the entire approval process may take up to 20 days.  Be sure to give yourself enough lead time to advertise your event AFTER it has been approved.

NOTE: For the purposes of this process, an event is any non-credit bearing planned gathering whether public or private, indoor or outdoor, on- or off-campus, with a specific location, date, or time. 

The health and safety of attendees and event staff will drive all in-person event decisions.  In-person events (both indoor and outdoor) should be minimized whenever possible.  Outdoor events are strongly encouraged over indoor events if a virtual event is not feasible.  Only mission-critical events will be approved and public health precautions for both indoor and outdoor events must be followed.  Additionally, events hosted by external organizations will generally not be permitted on campus.

The Grill is open Monday-Thursday 11:00am to 3:30pm.  It will provide subs, wraps, salads, pizzas (full- and personal-size), grilled items, daily specials and Grab & Go options. Cold beverages will be available in the coolers and hot beverages will be prepared by Sodexo staff.

The Coffee Shop is Monday-Thursday 8:00am to 5:00pm. The coffee shop will have some pre-packaged breakfast, lunch and dinner items, as well as the normal offerings of coffee/tea products and smoothies.

Please visit IU’s policy for students and IU’s policy for faculty and staff for more information on noncompliance.

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