Campus Theme: 2007-2008

The Campus Theme is an important component of the general education program. It fosters a liberal arts environment at IU South Bend by connecting course work and extracurricular learning in the general education curriculum and in connection to degree programs. The Campus Theme supports instruction by means of a coordinated program of lectures, exhibits, performances, and other events and activities co-sponsored by various campus schools, departments, and organizations.

Sustainable Communities is the 2007-2008 Theme

Can the structure and values of a community inspire an individual to make choices that are good not only in the present, but also for our children, and great-great-great grandchildren? The 2007-08 Campus Theme of Sustainable Communities will host events and dialogues for thinking about how actions taken at IU South Bend affect the long-term health and well-being of our campus, our community, and our world.

A sustainable society requires minimizing use of non-renewable resources and promoting the health of its citizens and their environment. Another challenge in this mission is examining how our economic, political, and cultural systems reflect the values held by a society, what types of systems allow all members of that society to reach their potential, and how do these Cultural systems persist or change in the face of changing environments and needs. One of the central events in this campus theme will be establishing student housing that promotes wise use of resources.

This is an opportunity for everyone in the IU South Bend community to develop a deeper understanding of the connections between our campus, our community, and our environment. The Sustainability Committee invites anyone (students, staff, faculty, administration, and alumni) to join us as we plan the campus events for next year.

Share your ideas for:

  1. Campus events (curriculum-related, service, campus-wide)
  2. Student housing and green living
  3. Transportation (car pooling, biking, walking)
  4. Recycling and resource use on campus
  5. Thinking locally and globally
  6. Community connections

To get involved or share your ideas contact Dr. Scott Sernau ( and Dr. Deborah Marr (

Green Michiana: A Sustainability Fair for Home, Garden, and Road [ PDF ]

AASHE Digest 2006: A Review of Campus Sustainability News [PDF]

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Campus Theme Events 2007-2008

2007-08 Campus Theme Coordinators

Deb Marr, Associate Professor of Biological Sciences
Henry Scott, Professor of Physics and Astronomy
Scott Sernau, Professor of Sociology

Campus Theme Advisory Committee