Campus Theme 2008-2009

The Campus Theme is an effort to focus campus and community events on a single topic that can reach across disciplines and foster interesting dialogues. Through a coordinated program of lectures, exhibits, performances, and other events co-sponsored by various campus schools, departments, and organizations, we can build an interrelated learning community that explores issues of social importance from a variety of viewpoints.

Revolutions in Thought

A university is a center for the communication of new ideas that can change the way we see the world. The 2008-2009 Campus Theme of "Revolutions in Thought" will celebrate and explore intellectual innovations spanning all disciplines. Our world is changed, for better or worse, when conventional wisdom and established patterns of behavior are challenged. This academic year will be full of important intellectual milestones such as the 150thanniversary of Charles Darwin’s revolutionary "The Origin of Species." Furthermore, many aspects of our world are currently undergoing revolutions, and many members of our community are active participants in furthering those changes. The campus theme is an occasion for the IU South Bend community to assess the revolutions of the past, to embrace the new ideas of today, to celebrate the defeat of old ones, and to learn how we can all cause the world to change.

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2008-09 Campus Theme Coordinators

Henry Scott, Professor of Physics and Astronomy
James VanderVeen, Assistant Professor of Sociology and Anthropology

Campus Theme Advisory Committee