Campus Theme 2010-2011

Work is a major part of all of our lives. Almost every day we use the word "work" in our daily conversations. We are "working hard" or "looking for work", we are wondering whether we are going "good work" and we are worrying about whether the pay we get for our "work" will cover what it costs to live. With this theme we will be looking at the meaning of work in all our lives: we will use the social sciences and we will hear from journalists; we will hear and read musicians and poets and create poetry and music. We will try to understand how the world of work connects to the grand processes of economic globalization, and more local processes that occur in our families and communities. We will explore how we can achieve justice and equity as part of the work force, and learn how people both similar to, and very different from us go to work, look for work (often traveling across continents) , and how they, and we, feel about our jobs.

Links of Interest:

  1. The Post-Industrial Labor Day Parade [ PDF ]
  2. View animated version of Marx and Engels, Communist Manifesto on Youtube!
  3. View Prof. David Harvey of the City University of New York Graduate Center explain why Marxist analysis is the best for understanding today's crisis. WITH ANIMATED ILLUSTRATIONS!

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2010-11 Campus Theme Coordinators

Paul C. Mishler, Associate Professor, Labor Studies
Dave Vollrath, Director, General Studies Degree Program

Campus Theme Advisory Committee