Job Fair Preparation Timeline

Soon the countdown will begin

It is never too early to prepare. Click the links below for advice on how to prepare for either the fall or spring IU South Bend Career and Internship Fair.

1 Week To Go!!

Fair Tip of the Week: Things to do After the Fair

2 Weeks To Go!!

Fair Tip of the Week: Develop an Action Plan for the Fair

3 Weeks To Go!!

Fair Tip of the Week: The 60-Second Commercial

When meeting with recruiters, communicate with confidence. Be prepared to describe, in about 60 seconds, your education, work experience, and career interests. This is your "60-second commercial" of yourself. Some tips:

  • Be sure your commercial has the following:
    • Greeting
    • Your name
    • Major
    • Current class status
    • Reason for attending the job fair
    • Evidence of your knowledge about the industry/company
    • Relationship of your skills and experiences to the position(s) of interest to you
  • Be sure to highlight your strengths and what you could add to that organization.
  • Be as specific as possible: "I was the treasurer for XYZ Club," is better than "I have strong leadership skills." And, "I worked about 15 hours per week while I carried a full load of classes" is more descriptive than "I have good time management skills."
  • Practice your commercial out loud in the mirror before the Fair so that you feel comfortable and confident in your presentation, but avoid sounding as though you've memorized a script. Don't read from notes.
  • This commercial will be most effective if you have read the employer's job description so that you can relate your qualifications and interests to the job being offered.
  • Reading job descriptions carefully also helps you ask questions based on what you do know, not what you don't know. (Example: I saw in the job description that this position requires occasional relocation during training. Can you tell me some of the locations that might be available?)

4 Weeks To Go!!

Fair Tip of the Week: Dress and Act The Part

5 Weeks To Go!!

Fair Tip of the Week: Research Companies and Organizations

6 Weeks To Go!!

Fair Tip of the Week: Create a Winning Résumé

If you have any questions, please contact our office. Looking forward to seeing you at the Fair!