Some Job Fair FAQs

For Today and Throughout Your Job Search

Q: How should I present myself?

A: Watch the nonverbals! A firm (but not crushing) handshake, eye contact, avoiding distracting mannerisms and being organized when you hand the recruiter your resume are important body language skills. Be prepared to follow-up by showing an interest in the company and asking pertinent questions.

Q: I keep hearing something about marketing my skills in one minute. What is this?

A: Making a one-minute commercial to market yourself to the employer is an excellent way of making sure you stand out above the rest. Think ahead about what you have to offer and the best way to present that information. A well-prepared, informative commercial should include the following:

Your name
Current class status
Reason for attending the job fair
Evidence of your knowledge about the industry/company
Relationship of your skills and experiences to the position(s) of interest to you

Emphasize any transferable skills you may have such as supervision, writing, budgeting, management and communication skills. Rehearse your commercial with a friend until it is polished and natural. Here's how to structure your presentation and an example:

Introduce yourself to the employee
Provide 3-5 key aspects related to your skills, background and training
State how you feel you can best benefit the company's goals and objectives

Practice, practice and more practice.

Samples: Hello Ms. Jones, I am John Smith. I know your company is one of the leading software developers in the Midwest. Your latest development of Windows 2000 has put you far ahead of your competition.
My major is computer science. This combined with my experience gained as an intern developing and designing software products for the company QRS has adequately prepared me for this market. I have also gained experience while working with companies at Textron, Microsoft and Centex designing computer software products.
I feel my academic training, internships, work experience and other related activities qualifies me for the computer engineering design position. May I leave my resume with you?

Q: How long should I plan to be here?

A: Plan to be at the Job Fair a minimum of 2 hours. Just like any athlete or performer, it takes time to "warm-up" and get comfortable with the environment.

Q: What if I have an interest in a position that a recruiter at the Job Fair does not handle?

A: Be sure to ask for the name and title of the person whom it would be best to talk to regarding your career interests. Ask them to please pass your resume along to them. Follow up with a letter to both individuals.

Q: What about follow-up?

A: Follow-up is EXTREMELY important. Be sure to get a business card from every recruiter with whom you speak. If they have run out of cards, carefully copy down their name, title, address and phone number. Immediately send out thank you cards that contain some reminders of your conversation with them that would make you stand out from the rest of the candidates.