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Evaluating Your Program

Maintaining program popularity will require hard evidence that your organization is getting a return on its investment. Some organizations have adopted a process of formal exit interviews. Through this process they can determine if interns are leaving the company having had a good experience, and provide valuable feedback to managers for program planning in the following year.
In addition to qualitative measures, a number of quantitative measures have also been adopted. Some common measures include the number of interns that become full-time employees; repeat requests for interns from managers; and growing numbers of intern applicants. In order to successfully measure your own program outcome, you should return to the stated program goals, and address those outcomes.

Keep Your Focus on the Future

With the need for skilled and qualified employees, it makes sense to investigate quality university, college, community college and technical school students who may be interested in internships during their educational careers. The decision to take on interns will give you a competitive advantage in recruiting the best workers. You will already be known to the employees you want most. Your new workers will be trained for your workplace and loyal to your company. Statistically, hiring interns has proven to lower training time, reduce recruiting costs and significantly lower turnover rates. You will build a reputation that will pay off with students, colleges and the community. Your company will save money while benefiting from the input of talented, enthusiastic and innovative people. With all of these advantages, you might find you can’t afford to ignore internships.

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