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Career Services

Recruiting at IU South Bend

The Careers Services Office has several different avenues to advertise opportunities with your organization to our students.


An account with the Careers Services Office on IUSBCareers provides a number of benefits:

Please read the following disclaimer regarding posting jobs with the Indiana University Career Services Office: Job and Internship Posting Disclaimer


Create a contact within your profile
Improve your organization’s brand identity by completing the Profile tab in your account. This will make key information about your organization viewable to job seekers.

  Post Available Positions
Registered employers may post jobs, career opportunities and internships by the completing the Create Job Posting form.
  Search Résumés
You may choose to participate in the Résumé Book service. This provides you the opportunity to review the résumés of job seekers who choose to publish their them .
(You will need to be sure you have access to résumé books. This access box can be selected in the 'account' tab. - Be sure to 'save' and 'submit'.)
  Register for CSO Events
Your account allows a streamlined registration process for various CSO events.

Information Tables
Employers may request information tables at various high-traffic locations around campus by clicking on Request New Information Session. Employers are asked to register for information tables one week prior to the Information Table date to allow adequate time for publication of the employer information table.
While policies are flexible regarding the types of employers permitted to advertise in this way, not all requests are approved. These decisions are based on the type of employer and employment advertised to our students.


On Campus Interviewing Program


On-campus interviews are conducted each Fall and Spring during the second and third months of the semester. You are invited to interview students on campus to fill internship and job openings.

Once the interview date is set, the CSO will advertise the opening to our students. Next we collect résumés and other required documents from qualified students. Once collected, these documents will be forwarded to you. You choose who you wish to interview and we set the schedule. All you need do is arrive on time on interview day.

We ask that employers register for on-campus interviews one month prior to the interview date to allow adequate time for publication of on-campus interview and candidate registration. Contact the office to get started.


CSO Events


Every year the CSO offers a variety of events that offer employers and students the opportunity to get know each other and to learn from one another; everything from informal Career Mixers to Job Fairs.