IU South Bend Restart Planning

Restart Working Groups - Scope and Charge

Each working group received an initial scope and charge of issues to address in their recommendations.  See below for a short description for each working group.  Working group charges are likely to evolve over time as necessary in response to what is likely to be a continually changing COVID-19 landscape.

  1. Student athlete safety and screening
  2. Conference and NAIA guidance
  3. Timing of restarting practice and competition
  4. Fan engagement
  5. SAC operations

  1. Collecting questions and concerns from the campus community
  2. Audiences for restart communications
  3. Mechanisms and tools for restart communications
  4. Topics and timelines for restart communications

  1. Phases for returning to campus
  2. Procedures for keeping employees healthy and safe
  3. Managing employee needs and concerns with returning to campus
  4. Engaging employees in a virtual work environment

  1. Building access and hours of operation
  2. Planning for open/shared spaces
  3. Classroom layouts
  4. Guidelines for event spaces
  5. Procedures for cleaning and disinfecting
  6. Distribution of supplies and equipment

  1. Resident health and safety
  2. Housing assignments and pricing
  3. Housing programs and operations
  4. Parameters for dining operations
  5. Parking passes and pricing

  1. Promoting student health, wellness and safety in new environment
  2. Proposed changes to student service operations for 2020-2021
  3. Managing student needs and concerns with returning to campus
  4. Guidelines for student groups
  5. Engaging students in a virtual environment

  1. General principles and models for operating in a hybrid mode with social distancing
  2. Possible pedagogical approaches that can be applied in deploying classes for the fall
  3. Communicating to students about how classes will be taught in the fall
  4. Faculty development
  5. Student resources for success

Updates on IU South Bend Restart Planning

This page is meant to describe the structure of the IU South Bend Restart Planning Working Groups.  For continuous updates on Fall 2020 please visit Fall 2020 IU and Fall 2020 IU South Bend.

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