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Campus Improvements

Construction projects took place across campus but one of the most significant enhancements was behind the scenes in the Energy Savings Project. In partnership with Chevron, the project has already saved IU South Bend 29 percent in natural gas, 44 percent in electrical, 10 percent in water and sewer, and 38 percent in total energy costs.
The parking situation on campus was much improved with the opening of two new parking lots on Esther Street. More than 170 parking spaces were added and quickly snatched up by students, faculty and staff. The lots were designed to be environmentally friendly and includes native grasses and plants, natural water runoff and collection, requires minimal fertilization, and is separate from the city sewer system.
Work began at full-speed on the $22 million dollar renovation of the Education and Arts Building. Using a local architectural firm and local contractors, the old building was stripped to its steel frame so new construction could get underway. When completed in summer of 2013 the building will house the School of Education, programs from the Ernestine M. Raclin School of the Arts and the dental hygiene program.  
The number of wireless access points on campus was tripled from 50 to 150 and can support 15,000 concurrent users.
A new website using a new Web Content Management System (WCMS) was launched in January. The new templates featured more options, colors and images. The WCMS allowed the website to be better maintained, enhanced and navigated. More than 200 users were trained in the new system and nearly 13,000 webpages were migrated to the new system.
The main campus cafeteria in the Administration Building was reopened in January 2012. It had a new look and a new name. It is now the University Grill. The space was redesigned to better serve the campus with different food stations to dispense hot meals, salads, soups, sandwiches and specials. The reorganization of food stations have greatly reduced waiting lines at the service areas.
The seating area, which is a mixture of booths and tables, are lit with ceiling and pendant lighting. A fireplace separates the serving area from lunch seating. The former Quiet Lounge on the west side of the cafeteria is now two separate meeting rooms, Fireside A and B. A retractable wall between A and B produces a larger room, when needed for events or food service.
Helping to provide more options for busy students and staff, Northside Express in Northside Hall opened in September 2011. The area, which is west of the Main Auditorium, was formerly used as a study space and lounge. Express serves a variety of sandwiches, soups, salads, and smoothies.