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Indiana University South Bend is grateful to the hundreds of donors who expressed their confidence in the campus through generous gifts. This list includes contributions to all areas of the university from July 1, 2011 through June 30, 2012.


Altruist $75,000 +
Patrick M. Gallivan*

Philanthropist $25,000-49,999
Dale and Maralyn Bruce

Angel $10,000-24,999
Robert and Mary Deputy
Mike Keen and Gabrielle Robinson
Frank and Marsha Martin

Benefactor $5,000-9,999
Arthur J. Decio
June Edwards
Robert E. Wozny

Patron $2,500-4,999
Roy L. Beck
William and Leslie Gitlin
Bruce and Debbie Gobdel
John and Jacquelyn Hilderbrandt
Larry and Judith Lentych
Charles and Lois Niemier
Edith M. Pratt
Alberta B. Ross
Mark C. Royer
Harvey and Carin Weingarten 

Donor $1,000-2,499
Max and Judith Bailey
David K. Barton
Robert and Pam Beam
Louis and Linda Bixler
Allen and Cathy Buckman
Barbara J. Byrum
Joseph R. Chaney
G. Christopher and Karen Clark
Eugene and Margo DeMont
David and Laura Douglas
Anthony and Cecilia Droege
Robert and Sandra Ducoffe
Lawrence and Carolyn Garber
Van and Jean Gates
Barbara A. Grens
Alfred and Melanie Guillaume
Frederick and Michelle Hammer
Charles and Anne Hillman
David and Diana Howard
Jeff and Pamela Jones
Kimberly K. Keene
Kenneth and Cheryl Little
Mark and Marta Makielski
Donald and Gail Marti
Helmuth and Carol Massat
Michael and Jeanette Miranda
James I. Moyer
Christopher and Carmen Murphy
Frederick and Carol Naffziger
Anthony and Minako Nate
Philip and Mary Newbold
John and Carolyn Peterson
John G. Pfeil
Paul and Nancy Piller
Una Mae Reck
Robert Rowland and
  Linda Fritschner
John and Michele Russo
Richard and Ilene Sheffer
Kathryn L. Shields
David and Nancy Smith
David and Kathleen Sparks
Robert and Donna Stevenson
Jeffrey Sutter and Rebecca Torstrick
John R. Swanda*
John J. Voorde
Barbara K. Warner
Harold and Doreen Zisla

Sponsor $500-999
Bruce and Linda Bancroft
F. Peter and Durleen Braasch
Christopher and Kristen Bradford
Debora L. Chudzicki
Lorraine J. Celis
Christopher and Kelly Craft
Marvin V. Curtis
Mary B. Dickey
Robert F. Easley
LaMont and Ann Freeze
Ann M. Grens
Gerald and Eileen Harriman
Phyllis A. Henry
John and Laura Hieronymus
Linda T. Irwin
Roy and Catherine Jacobson
Daniel and Kathryn Kaminski
Thomas E. Kauffman
David Vollrath and
  Gwendolyn Mettetal
Ellen L. Maher
Douglas W. McMillen
Jean M. Metzger
John and Fei Metzler
Terence and Bridget Morgan
Andrew and Marilyn Naylor
Theodore and Annette Noell
Darcy and Faline Pajak
Janis and Gundega Penikis
Patrick Pierce
Nathan M. Riddle
J. Wesley and Roberta Robbins
Claude and Lynn Robertson
Randolph and May Rompola
Craig and Marlene Schroeder
Mark and Cynthia Soloway
Bruce and Gail Spitzer
Frederick J. Stielow
Ronald and Loraine Troyer
Dominic and Mary Murray Vachon
David and Barbara Vance
Raymond A. Vander Heyden
Aileen Wehren
Michael and Beverly Welber
Dennis M. Wolf
Lester M. Wolfson
Qiang Xu
Earl and Tammi Yoder
Paul and Debra Zisla

Friend  $250-499
Donald and Keri Anderson
Brian and Angela Alwine
Ira and Sarah Anes
Tamara M. Ashley
Michael and Alice Blakesley
James D. Bentz
Louis and Carolyn Berzai
Vicki Bloom and Michael Scullion
Patrick and Mara Boettcher
Kathleen F. Borlik
Michael and Kathleen Borkowski
Marshall Brown and Emily Sayles
Sam Centellas
Stanley R. Chambers
Douglas and Sharon Cheney
Fred and Beverly Church
Paul and Mary Chmiel
Anita G. Clem
Margaret Cline
James and Nancy Colborn
Timothy and Rosanne Cordell
C. Michael and Teri S. Crabill
Frank and Patricia Criniti
Peter M. Connor
David Cortright and Karen Jacob
Michael R. Darnel
Glen and Tamara Davis
Ellen Y. Deak
Robert B. DeCleene
Gary and Kelly Demski
Carmen A. Dielman
Elizabeth Dunn and John Murphy
Timothy and Moira Dyczko
M. Gilbert and Barbara Eberhart
Martha S. Elliott
Richard and Carol Evans
Richard and Kathy Fair
Michael and Debra Flowers
James and Patricia Fred
Edward H. Friend
Warren Haas and Karen Behnke
Rod and Teri Harness
Roger and Rebecca Hartman
Glenn Hassan
James F. Hendricks
William and Patricia Henry
Richard and Audrey Herzberg
Peter J. Holland
Ethel F. Hoover
James R. Hurst
Lawrence and Sharon Hussey
Martin and Charlene Hutti
Randall M. Isaacson
Gail Jaskowiak
Kerry and Robin Johnson
Jeff and Tammy Johnston
Scott and Minge Johnson
Joseph and Sharon Jones
Michael Kempiak
David and Jennifer Klein
Brenda E. Knowles
Stephen A. Koch
Paul S. Kochanowski
Thomas and Sue LeFevre
Sara J. Lowe
Nancy T. Lucey
Aaron and Anne Magnan-Park
Paul and Constance McCahill
John and Charleen McIntosh
James McLister and Deborah Marr
Bil Murray and Dina Harris
Scott A. Opasik
Mark Parent
Frederick and Carolyn Pfotenhauer
Dirk L. Pletcher
Vincent and Lisa Poczik
John and Linda Porter
Jason and Kristyn Quimby
Kathleen A. Renz
Peter Richards
Victor and Marjorie
Robert and Mary Rosenfeld
Daryl M. Rybicki
Timothy and Mary Ryan
Anna Savvopoulou
William and Diane Sarnat
Steven D. and Cynthia A. Searfoss
William and Marilyn Seybold
Robert and Brenda Schosker
Ann L. Schwarz   
Richard and Barbara Sherwood
Michael L. Smith
Yu Song and Qi Zhang
Bernard and Juliann Sparazynski
Thomas and Roberta Spencer
Wilfrid G. Stoeckinger
William J. Stoner
Kenneth and Charlotte Stuff
Sandra M. Swartz
Judith L. Swisher
Townsend and Margaret Thomas
Michael and Dena Wargo
Arnold B. Watson
Marlene A. Weatherwax
James Wensits and Carol Schaal
Karen L. White
Bruce and Kathleen Wolfe


Philanthropist $25,000-49,999
Afdent Dental Services

Angel $10,000-24,999
Darwin & Dorothy Wiekamp Foundation
Florence V. Carroll Charitable Trust
Heraeus Kulzer, LLC
Kem Krest Corporation
Teachers Credit Union

Benefactor $5,000-9,999
Ann & Gordon Getty Foundation
Jewish Community Foundation
Lake City Bank
Leep Enterprises, LLC

Patron $2,500-4,999
1st Source Foundation
Elkhart County Community Foundation, Inc.
Indiana Landmarks
Merck Company Foundation
Northern Indiana Public Service Co.

Donor  $1,000-2,499
Alfred Fromm Trust
Bristol Street Pediatric Associates
Corson Family Foundation Inc.
Crowe Horwath, LLP
Direct Marketing Educational Foundation, Inc.
Lexus of Mishawaka
New Carbon Company, Inc.
Nursing 2000 North
PNC Bank
Treasurer of City of South Bend
Trinity Health
Wal-Mart Foundation

Sponsor $500-999
Ayco Charitable Foundation
Beta Gamma Sigma, Inc.
Caterpillar Foundation
Coca Cola Enterprises Bottling Companies
Diocese of Northern Indiana, Inc.
Fidelity Foundation
First Federal Savings Bank
General Sheet Metal Works
Granger Family Dentistry
Inter-Cambio Express, Inc.
Kruggel, Lawton & Company, LLC
Masco Corporation
South Bend Medical Foundation, Inc.
Truth Publishing Company, Inc.
Wells Fargo Foundation

Friend $250-499
AAA Federal Credit Union
Archer Daniels Midland Foundation
Communitywide Federal Credit Union
DJ Construction Company Incorporated
Daman Products Company, Inc.
KADA Partnership
KPMG Foundation, LLP
IU Credit Union
Johnson & Johnson
Notre Dame Federal Credit Union
Pelking Living Trust
Transformations Furniture