Biochemistry Major Course Requirements

(Grade of C- or better)

Required  (32 cr)
C105 Principles of Chemistry I (3 cr) (I)
C106 Principles of Chemistry II (3 cr) (I)
C125 Experimental Chemistry I (2 cr) (II)
C126 Experimental Chemistry II (2 cr) (II)
C341 Organic Chemistry Lectures I (3 cr) (I)
C342 Organic Chemistry Lectures II (3 cr) (I)
C343 Organic Chemistry Laboratory I (2 cr) (II)
C344 Organic Chemistry Laboratory II (2 cr) (II)
C361 Physical Chemistry of Bulk Matter (3 cr) (I)
C484 Biomolecules and Catabolism (3 cr) (I)
C485 Biosynthesis and Physiology (3 cr) (II)
C486 Biological Chemistry Laboratory (2 cr) (I)
C301 Chemistry Seminar (1 cr) (II)

Required (11 cr)
L102 Introduction to Biological Sciences II (5 cr) (I,II)
L211 Molecular Biology (3 cr) (I)
L312 Cell Biology (3 cr) (II)

Biology/Chemistry/Research electives (9 credits; at least 3 cr from Biology)
Biology electives
L311 Genetics (3 cr) (II)
L317 Developmental Biology (3 cr) (II odd years)
L319 Genetics Laboratory (3 cr) (I even years)
L323 Molecular Biology Laboratory (3 cr) (II)
M310 Microbiology (3 cr) (II)
M315 Microbiology Laboratory (2 cr) (II)
M430 Virology (3 cr) (I odd years)
L280 Bioinformatics (3)
L321Principles of Immunology (3) (I even years)
L313 Cell Biology Laboratory (3) (I)
Chemistry/Math electives
C310 Analytical Chemistry (4 cr) (I)
C362 Physical Chemistry of Molecules (3 or 4 cr) (II)
C410 Principles of Chemical Instrumentation (4 cr) (II)
C430 Inorganic Chemistry (3 cr) (II)
M301 Linear Algebra and applications (3 cr) (I,II) OR M311 Calculus III (5 cr) (I)
Research electives (not more than 3 cr) (laboratory research and a comprehensive written report) (permission of Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Chairperson required)
C409 Chemical Research
L490 Individual Study

Additional requirements in Science and Mathematics (23 cr)
M215 Analytical Geometry and Calculus I (5 cr) (I,II,S)
M216 Analytical Geometry and Calculus II (5 cr) (I,II,S)
P221 Physics 1 (5 cr) (I,II)
P222 Physics 2 (5 cr) (I,II)

Total credits from Science and Math: 72 credits

4 Year Plan

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