Thinking about majoring in Chemistry or Biochemistry?

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Advising questions?

Questions to ask to your advisor:

  • Is there a job market for chemistry or biochemistry majors?
  • What are the local opportunities for employment in this field?
  • What are typical starting salaries in this area? What kind of advancement would I expect?
  • Will this degree help me in medical school/ pharmacy school/ etc.?
  • Will I need more than a Bachelor’s degree to advance in the field?
  • Is it worthwhile for me to consider getting a Master’s degree? Should I pursue this option if I don’t get into medical school? Should I pursue this option if my GPA is not great?
  • If I decide to get a PhD, what are the ramifications in terms of finances, length of time to get settled in my career, family considerations, burnout, and career advancement? What sorts of jobs would I be pursuing with a PhD?
  • Can I get a MD/PhD? What does that entail? Why would I pursue this instead of either MD or PhD?
  • What kind of GPA do I need for success in industry? For a graduate studies? For medical/pharmacy, etc. school?
  • What are my options after graduation if I decide to pursue a different area of study?