Thinking about majoring in Chemistry or Biochemistry?

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Contact Bill Feighery or any of the chemistry faculty to ask the key questions that will help you decide if this is the best career path for you. Ask us!

  • Is there a job market for chemistry or biochemistry majors?
  • What are the local opportunities for employment in this field?
  • What are typical starting salaries in this area? What kind of advancement would I expect?
  • Will this degree help me in medical school/ pharmacy school/ etc.?
  • Will I need more than a Bachelor’s degree to advance in the field?
  • Is it worthwhile for me to consider getting a Master’s degree? Should I pursue this option if I don’t get into medical school? Should I pursue this option if my GPA is not great?
  • If I decide to get a PhD, what are the ramifications in terms of finances, length of time to get settled in my career, family considerations, burnout, and career advancement? What sorts of jobs would I be pursuing with a PhD?
  • Can I get a MD/PhD? What does that entail? Why would I pursue this instead of either MD or PhD?
  • What kind of GPA do I need for success in industry? For a graduate studies? For medical/pharmacy, etc. school?
  • What are my options after graduation if I decide to pursue a different area of study?

Already majoring in Chemistry or Biochemistry?

Meet with your academic advisor to discuss your career options and how to get there. To find your academic advisor, go to Onestart, then log in as needed and choose the following options:
<Onestart   <Student Center   <Go to Student Center
The contact information for your advisor should appear in the lower right hand corner in the "Advisor" section.

If you do not see your academic advisor listed, contact Department Secretary Jennie Downs at (574) 520-4233 or

Don’t yet have a major?

If you have not yet declared your major please contact Mr. Paul Foltz, Advising Center Secretary, at 520-4214 or

For more information please see the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Advising Center page.