Chemistry Department Scholarships

George V. Nazaroff Scholarship

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at IU South Bend is pleased to request applications for the George V. Nazaroff Scholarship. This scholarship is awarded for merit and attitude and may be applied toward tuition during the academic year. The award is for $1,500.

  • Chemistry majors who will have completed the two-semester Physical Chemistry sequence at IU South Bend
  • Strong academic record in chemistry
  • Strong overall academic record
  • Contribution to Chemistry Department activities

Candidates must complete an online application by April 1.

Brian A. Zeider Excellence in Biochemistry Scholarship

This scholarshihp is for $1000 to be applied towards tuition in the upcoming year.  Preference is given to Biochemistry majors.

Brian Zeider was a chemistry and biology double major from IU South Bend. He received his PhD in biochemistry from Western Michigan University in metalloprotein biochemistry and started his post-doctoral studies before his untimely passing. At IU South Bend, Brian is remembered for his willingness to help others, his penchant for travel, and his diligence and perseverance. Brian engaged in undergraduate research at IU South Bend and summer research at Ohio State University before applying for PhD programs.

  • Recipients must have a minimum GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale
  • Recipients may be attending IU South Bend on a part-time or full-time basis, but must be taking at least 6 credit hours per semester
  • Recipients must be working toward a degree
  • Recipients must have completed one semester of a two-semester organic chemistry course
To Apply:  Fill out the application form.

Deadline is April 1.

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Dean's Scholarship

Gerkin Scholarship