Civil Rights Heritage Center

Civil Rights Heritage Center

The Civil Rights Heritage Center (CRHC) at Indiana University, South Bend, is committed to the advancement of civil rights and social justice research, education, and outreach, especially in the Michiana region. It fosters empirical and analytical research, sponsors student inquiry and activities and convenes faculty, visiting scholars, policy advocates and others to examine and discuss issues of importance to racial and ethnic minorities, to the poor, gays and lesbians, and to other potential beneficiaries of civil rights advances. The CRHC's programming work focuses on civil rights education, economic justice, and voting rights.

In the area of research, the CRHC is committed to detailing and documenting the local civil rights history of Northern Indiana, and Michiana, as part of the larger national narrative of Civil Rights Activism among African-Americans, Mexican Americans, and other groups.

In the area of student inquiry, the CRHC works to support student participation in the development of local primary sources through our Oral History Program, and our encouragement of student organizational development in the area of Civil Rights studies.

Unique to an academic center, the CRHC was established through cooperation between students (who were the driving force in the establishment of the center), faculty, administration, and local community members. As a result of this rich mix of voices, the CRHC was established to have both a campus center and as a community extension center. The extension component is known as The Natatorium. This once segregated public swimming pool became an extension of Indiana University South Bend Civil Rights Heritage Center in the fall of 2009 and hosts public programing, exhibitions on topics related to Civil Rights and Social Justice, classes, and occasional community meetings. It is also a training site for CRHC Interns, student workers, scholarship recipients, and local high school students who visit to participate in programming.

Through both its campus component and its extension component, the CRHC is committed to Scholarship in Action.