African American Business District


Birdsell and Liston streets


7) African American Business

Evident by the 1930s, this near west side area was home to an emerging African American Business District, which included three hotels, three groceries, two funeral homes, three pool halls and other businesses. The business district was interspersed between private homes, apartment buildings, a number of African American churches, Linden School and the Prince Hall Masons lodge. Enlarged during the Second Great Migration of the 1940s, the business district offered many services within walking distance of African Americans’ homes in this tight-knit area. Some of the businesses located here were:
• The Liston Hotel
• Pigues Hotel
• Wilders Hotel
• Comers Grocery/Mr. Plump's Grocery
• Haynes Funeral Home
• Higgins Funeral Home
• Wiley's Pool Hall/Hank’s pool hall/Blanton’s pool hall
• Uncle Bills (Big house) Restaurant
• Saunders Ice Cream and Ice
• Adolf Howard's Dry Cleaning
• Willis Grocery
• A gas station
• A haberdashery