Hering House

10) Hering House

745 W. Western Ave.

Ida Mitcham with a scrapbook photo of Hering House


Irene Dillard with students

Opening in 1925, Hering House was often called the “House of Hope” in the African American community. Part of the Settlement House Movement in which college graduates brought visual arts, music and social services to urban and immigrant neighborhoods, it was named for University of Notre Dame head football coach Frank E. Hering who had engaged in outreach and helped to establish the program. African American leaders worked through the Hering House to provide a place of safety, culture and recreation for young people. The H.T. Burleigh Music Association, founded by Josephine Curtis, presented annual spring operas and fall concerts, in addition to practicing at the Hering House. Teachers and volunteers ran nursery and preschool programs, after-school and weekend swimming and camping at nearby nature areas, bike-riding clubs, softball teams, teen clubs, and mother-daughter/father-son bonding activities and celebrations. Hering House closed in 1965, but for nearly 40 years Hering House brought immense talent and leadership to the South Bend area. Hering House alumni have continued to give leadership to the community well into the 21st century.

1935 Sportsmans Club party