Scholarships through the CRHC

The CRHC offers scholarship opportunities to IUSB Students with an interest in Civil Rights who are willing to volunteer at the CRHC or who seek to participate in the Freedom Summer Program in the History Department.

These are:

Helen F. Pope Memorial Scholarship

Helen F. Pope Memorial Scholarship

To honor the memory of Helen F. Pope, a revered leader in the civil rights movement in South Bend, and to further the mission of Indiana University South Bend, this scholarship was established to recognize and encourage the commitment and leadership of undergraduate and graduate students who are active participants in the Civil Rights Heritage Center. This scholarship is intended to allow the recipients to increase their concentration on academic and leadership skills by reducing or eliminating the need for employment. Preference is given to African American/Black, Latinx, or women students.

To apply, visit the "Scholarships" tab on your One.IU page: