Outreach and Education

Twenty-First Century Scholars Citizenship and Education Program

The Twenty-First Century Scholars Citizenship and Education Program is one example of the enrichment programs the CRHC has available for Indiana University South Bend students. Through this program college students educate local high school students enrolled in the Twenty-First Century Scholars Program. The Civil Rights Movement serves as the context for studying such issues as "The Power of Education in a Democracy.”  The program has culminated in a spring trip to a historic site in Civil Rights History. Indiana University South Bend students serve as mentors to these high school students.

21st Century Scholars

Church In The Movement Program

This Civil Rights Heritage Center program was founded by Freedom Summer class of 2002 student and Indiana University South Bend graduate Lawrence Giden. It explored how churches were and still are a source of inspiration to their members. Historically, the "black" church was a central source of strength for African Americans.