Placement Exams

Placement exam results are used to place students in courses appropriate to their skill level.

The Reading, Math, and English exams are required for most students. Click here or refer to your admissions packet to determine whether any exams have been waived. Students who have studied French, German, Japanese, and/or Spanish are also encouraged to take the World Language Studies exam.


To schedule your Reading, English, and Math exams, click here or call (574) 520-5005.

To register for a World Language Studies exam, please make a reservation by contacting Professor John B. Davis by e-mail at at least 24 hours before the exam takes place. Be sure to include the name and date of the exam you wish to take, as well as your name and 10-digit student identification number.


Click here for more information about what your placement exam scores mean.

Practice Quizzes/Workshops

Click here for information about free mathematics workshops to help you prepare for the math exam, as well as practice quizzes for the reading and English exams.


The exam is timed and divided into two parts:
Part 1: Vocabulary (15 minutes, 80 items)
Part 2: Reading Comprehension (20 minutes, 7 reading passages, 38 questions)

You have 90 minutes to complete the online exam, which consists of the following:
Part A: Advanced Arithmetic (15 problems)
Part B: Beginning Algebra (15 problems)
Part C: College Algebra and Graphs (15 problems)
Part D: Pre-Calculus and Trigonometry (18 problems)

Although the exam is designed so a calculator is not absolutely necessary, you may still use one. Keep in mind that calculators with built-in algebra systems (such as the TI-89 and TI-92) may not be used.

Since many students have not had previous instruction in some of the higher-level math concepts, not everyone is able to complete the exam, which is okay. If you randomly guess at the answers to the problems you do not understand, you have a fairly good chance of guessing correctly, which could result in your being placed in a math class for which you are not prepared. Keep in mind this is not a pass/fail exam, its purpose is to ensure that you are placed into the appropriate math course.

You have 60 minutes to plan, write, and proofread your work. Your exam is evaluated for:
- Full development of your own ideas and opinions, supported by sound reasoning and relevant examples
- Careful organization of paragraphs and varied sentence structure
- Evidence of good reading comprehension
- Correct grammar, spelling, word usage, and syntax