Resources for Exploratory and Undecided Students

Suggested Courses for full-time Exploratory Students in their Freshman Year

Students who begin their college education without declaring a major are encouraged to follow an exploratory program. The following courses meet degree requirements for many majors and/or the campus-wide general education requirements at IU South Bend. Students are required to make regular advising apppointments with their Academic Advisor. Specific course requirements will ultimately be determined by the student's chosen area of study and the curriculum guidelines of the department granting the degree.

All courses are 3 cr. hours, unless otherwise designated. Follow the red requirement links to course availability in the online Schedule of Classes.

Choose at least two of the courses fulfilling the Fundamental Literacy requirement each semester:

Writing: ENG- W130 (level 20 or 30 on the placement exam) or ENG-W 131 Elementary Composition (level 40 on the placement exam)
Oral Communication: SPCH-S 121 Public Speaking 
Quantitative Reasoning: MATH-M111 or MATH-M118 (level 3 on the math placement exam; students seriously considering a major in business, computer science, or any of the natural sciences should take MATH-M107 which does not fulfill the "Quantitative Reasoning" requirement, but is the pre-requisite for further required math courses which do fulfill the requirement).
Information Literacy: COAS-Q 110 Introduction to Information Literacy (1 cr.) 
Computer Literacy: BUS-K201 (especially for students considering a major in business), CSCI-A106, INFO-I101

Choose at least two more courses each semester to explore a choice for a major area of study:

Fine Arts FINA-A109 - fulfills the "Visual Literacy" requirement
Philosophy PHIL-P105 or P110 - fulfills the "Critical Thinking" requirement
History HIST-H105 or H106 - fulfills the "Diversity in US Society" requirement
History HIST-H207 - fulfills the "Non-Western Cultures" requirement
Religious Studies REL - R160 - fulfills the "Diversity in US Society" requirement
Journalism JOUR-J210 - fulfills the "Critical Thinking" requirement
T190 or T390 Literary and Intellectual Traditions - Common Core course in CMLT, ENG, FINA, HIST, JOUR, MUS, PHIL, THTR, etc.
A190 or A399 Art, Aesthetics, and Creativity - Common Core course in CMLT, ENG, FINA, MUS, THTR, etc.

Anthropology ANTH-E105 - fulfills the "Non-Western Cultures" requirement
Political Science POLS-Y107 or 109 - fulfills the "Non-Western Culture" requirement
Sociology SOC-S161 or S163 - fulfills the "Diversity in US Society" requirement
Political Science POLS-Y201 -fulfills the "Critical Thinking" requirement
B190 or B399 Human Behavior and Social Institutions - Common Core course in ANTH, BUS, COGS, POLS, PSY, SOC, SPCH, WGS, etc.

N190 or N390 The Natural World - Common Core course ANTH, AST, BIOL, CHEM, GEOL, PHYS, etc.

If you are considering a major in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and you have previously studied a language, consult with your advisor about placement exams. Languages offered are French, German, Japanese, and Spanish.

Major and Minor Requirements

Major-specific degree requirements can be found by following the links on the Majors and Programs page or here. Selected program sheets are available in the CLAS Advising Center on the 3rd floor of Wiekamp Hall.