The Nuts and Bolts of Advising

The General Idea

Handouts and Forms

Placement Exams

  • Students can register here (click on the link in the left navigation bar)
  • Interpreting the Scores 

SIS (Student Information System) (

Log in with your OTP token.

Go to "SIS"

A new window will open, which looks like this:

screenshot 1 <== click here

To look up a particular student, go to the “my advisees’ tab or click on the green “View Data for Students” button.  Once you find the student, you will see a screen like this:

screenshot 2<== click here

In the upper right-hand corner you will see a box labeled “Holds”. Check if the student has a hold and why. See below, for a list of holds and what to do  about them.

Then click on the “academics 2” tab to find more information about the student’s academic history.  The screen will now look like this:

screenshot 3<== click here

Unofficial Transcript: Get the student’s unofficial transcript by clicking on the link. You want the Unofficial/current enrl/All Career option.

Placement Exam and Test Scores: Click on the link that says 'test scores'.

Advising Records (AdRx): To enter notes about the advising appointment click on the green "Advising Records" button at the top.

AAR (Academic Advisement Report): This is the system that automatically keeps track of the student's degree requirements. It's not always 100% accurate. If you find mistakes, please let the relevant department know.

To get to the student's AAR click on 'View My Advisement Report'.

Holds: The best way to see details about a student's holds is to click on the hold symbol at the top right of the SIS window. Here are some of the most common types of holds:

  • Advising (V03): Please do NOT release this hold, instead simply set the date to the next registration period when you would like to see the student again.
  • screenshot 4<== click here

    screenshot 5<== click here

  • Meningitis: The student has to read and acknowledge the warning. It takes 24 hours to work its way through the system before the student can register.
  • Bursar: have the student contact the appropriate office.