CLAS Curriculum and Degree Requirements

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No course may be used to meet more than one PART ONE requirement. Any course used to meet minor (PART TWO) or major (PART THREE) requirements may also be used to meet one but not more than one of the PART ONE requirements.

A candidate for a bachelor's degree in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences must satisfactorily complete a minimum of 122 credit hours, including at least 30 credit hours at the 300- or 400-level.

For a more detailed description of the IU South Bend general education curriculum, including lists of approved courses, see the Campus Bulletin. All courses certified as meeting the campuswide general education requirements are designated in the Schedule of Classes.

 (33-39 CR.) (All courses are 3 cr. hours, unless otherwise designated.)

A. Writing: ENG-W 131 Elementary Composition
B. Critical Thinking: 
C. Oral Communication: SPCH-S 121 Public Speaking
D. Visual Literacy: Select from approved course list
E. Quantitative Reasoning: Select from approved course list 
F. Information Literacy: COAS-Q 110 Introduction to Information Literacy (1 cr.)
G. Computer Literacy: Select from approved course list (usually CSCI-A 106)

Complete one course from each of the following four areas. At least one of the areas must be completed at the 300-level.
A. The Natural World: Select from approved course list
B. Human Behavior and Social Institutions: Select from approved course list
C. Literary and Intellectual Traditions: Select from approved course list
D. Art, Aesthetics, and Creativity: Select from approved course list

Students must complete one course from each of the following three areas.
A. Non-Western Cultures: Select from approved course list
B. Diversity in United States Society: Select from approved course list 
C. Health and Wellness (2 cr.): Select from approved course list

Bachelor of Arts students must also satisfy the following College of Liberal Arts and Sciences requirements:

Junior/Senior-Level Writing (3 cr.)
All Bachelor of Arts students are required to complete a junior/senior-level writing course with a grade of C or higher. This course must be taken after completing at least 56 credit hours. 

World Languages (3-12 cr.)
All Bachelor of Arts majors must attain an intermediate-level proficiency in a second language. This requirement can be met in one of three ways:
1. Successful completion of a fourth-semester language class, designated as 204 in the catalogue. The 204 course is the last class in a four-semester sequence: 101, 102, 203, and 204.
2. Successful completion of a 300- or 400-level course in which the primary instruction is in a language other than English.
3. Formal training, as evidenced by secondary or university diplomas, in a language other than English.

Western Culture before 1800 (3 cr.)
Select from course list designated as approved for Western Culture before 1800

Science Course and Laboratory (5 cr.)
Additional Natural Science course: Select from N 190 or N 390 (anatomy, astronomy, biology, chemistry, geology, microbiology, physiology, physics, or plant sciences)
Natural Science Laboratory (2 cr.): Students must take a science course with a formal laboratory component.
The additional Natural Science course and Natural Science Laboratory requirements can be satisfied by a single 5 credit hour integrated lecture/laboratory course. This may be a laboratory course linked to a lecture course or it may be an integrated lecture/laboratory course, in either case totaling 5 credit hours.
(Note: The requirement for a 3 credit hour course in the natural sciences is in addition to the campuswide N 190 The Natural World core course)

All CLAS students working on a Bachelor of Arts degree are required to complete a minor. The minor may be taken in any IU South Bend school, college, division or interdisciplinary program. Any student who completes a double major within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences or a second major from outside the college is deemed to have met this requirement. For a listing of available minors within the College, see the Degrees, Minors, and Certificates page.

THE REQUIRED MAJOR (minimum 30 CR.) For a list of available majors, see the Degrees, Minors and Certificates page on this site, which will refer you to the appropriate department's website.