Administrative and Clerical Personnel

Administrative Personnel

Elizabeth E. Dunn, Dean
Wiekamp Hall 3300C, (574) 520-4290 Click here to send mail

Douglas McMillen, Associate Dean 
Wiekamp Hall 3300G, (574) 520-4222,  Click here to send mail

Wiekamp Office Hours: Monday and Wednesday mornings from 10 AM to noon or by appointment

Monika Lynker, Associate Dean and Director of the Academic Advising Center
Wiekamp Hall 3300 A, (574) 520-5513,  Click here to send mail.  Call the CLAS Advising Center to set up an Advising Appointment: 574-520-4537.

Wiekamp Office Hours: Contact Catherine Page-Vanore to make an appointment

Northside Office (NS 363) Hours: Monday and Wednesday 2:15-3:30; Thursday 2-3pm.

Lee Kahan, Associate Dean
Wiekamp Hall 3300F, (574) 520-4305 Click here to send mail

Wiekamp Office Hours: After 1 PM Monday through Friday; all-day Fridays as needed.

Clerical Personnel

Linda Schultz-Heidrich, Administrative Assistant to the Dean
Wiekamp Hall 3300D, (574) 520-4290, Click here to send mail

Nick Wort,Administrative Assistant to the Associate Deans 
Wiekamp Hall 3300, (574) 520-4267, Click here to send mail

Vacant, Administrative Assistant for International Programs and CLAS Deans Office
Wiekamp Hall 3300,

Paul Foltz, Secretary to the CLAS Advising Center
Wiekamp Hall 3300B, (574) 520-4537, Click here to send email

CLAS Advisors

Julie Wells, Academic Advisor
Wiekamp Hall 3187, (574) 520-4658, Click here to send mail

Letecia McKinney, Academic Advisor
Wiekamp Hall 3179, (574) 520-4658, Click here to send mail

Trisha Miller, Academic Advisor
Wiekamp Hall 3181, (574) 520-4212, Click here to send mail

Karen Christopher, Director of Student Services
Wiekamp Hall 3183, (574) 520-4478, Click here to send mail

Mary Anna Violi, Academic Advisor for Criminal Justice
Wiekamp Hall 3189, (574) 520-4409, Click here to send mail

Organizational Chart

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Department Chairs and Program Directors

Thomas Clark, Department of Biological Sciences
Northside Hall 126A, (574) 520-4882, Click here to send mail

Bill Feighery, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Northside Hall 051, (574) 520-4311, Click here to send mail

Dave Surma, Department of Computer and Information Sciences
Northside Hall 339, (574) 520-4412, Click here to send mail

Catherine Borshuk, Acting Chair, Department of Criminal Justice
Wiekamp Hall 2155, (574) 520-4122, Click here to send mail

Jake Mattox, Department of English (Acting Chair AY 2015-16)
Wiekamp Hall 3147, (574) 520-4408, Click here to send mail

Jonathan Nashel, Department of History
Wiekamp Hall 3247, (574) 520-4232, Click here to send mail

Yu Song, Department of Mathematical Sciences
Northside Hall 319, (574) 520-4299, Click here to send mail

Warren Shrader, Department of Philosophy
Wiekamp Hall 3287, (574) 520-4376, Click here to send mail

Henry Scott, Department of Physics and Astronomy
Northside Hall 357, (574) 520-5527, Click here to send mail

Elizabeth Bennion, Department of Political Science
Wiekamp Hall 2181, (574) 520-4128, Click here to send mail

Dennis Rodriguez, Department of Psychology
Wiekamp Hall 2131, (574) 520-4396, Click here to send mail

James VanderVeen, Department of Sociology and Anthropology
Wiekamp Hall 2289, (574) 520-4618, Click here to send mail

April Lidinsky, Director, Women's and Gender Studies Program
Wiekamp Hall 2257, (574) 520-4528, Click here to send mail

Oscar Barrau, Department of World Language Studies
Wiekamp Hall 3223, (574) 520-4417, Click here to send mail

Hossein Hakimzadeh, Director, Informatics Program
Northside Hall 336, (574) 520-4517, Click here to send mail

Joseph Chaney, Director, Master of Liberal Studies Program
Wiekamp Hall 3169, (574) 520-4870, Click here to send mail

Kyoko Takanashi, Director, Master of Arts in English Program
Wiekamp Hall 3131, (574) 520-4802, Click here to send mail

Yi Cheng, Director, Master of Science in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science Program
Northside Hall 321, (574) 520-4519, Click here to send mail

Carolyn Schult, Director of General Studies
Wiekamp Hall 2225, (574) 520-4118, Click here to send mail

Shawn Nichols-Boyle, Acting Director of the ESL Program
Wiekamp Hall 3183, (574) 520-4360, Click here to send mail

Nancy Botkin, Acting Director of First Year Writing
Wiekamp Hall 3155, (574) 520-4886, Click here to send mail