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Administrative and Clerical Personnel

Administrative Personnel

Elizabeth E. Dunn, Dean
Wiekamp Hall 3300C, (574) 520-4290 Click here to send mail

Bill Feighery, Associate Dean 
Wiekamp Hall 3300F, (574) 520-4311,  Click here to send mail

Wiekamp Office Hours: Monday and Wednesday from 8am to noon; Fridays as needed

Northside Office (NS 051) Hours: Tuesday afternoons; all day Thursday

Monika Lynker, Associate Dean and Director of the Academic Advising Center
Wiekamp Hall 3300G, (574) 520-5513,  Click here to send mail

Wiekamp Office Hours: Monday and Wednesday from 2pm to 5:30pm; Tuesday and Thursday from 8am to 1pm; Friday morning from 8am to noon

Northside Office (NS 363) Hours: Monday and Wednesday mornings; Tuesday and Thursday afternoons

Lesley Walker, Associate Dean
Wiekamp Hall 3300F, (574) 520-4199 Click here to send mail

Wiekamp Office Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 1 to 5pm; Fridays as needed.

Mary Nurenberg, Coordinator of Student Services
Wiekamp Hall 3300A, (574) 520-4324, Click here to send mail

Mary Anna Violi, Director of the Advance College Project
Wiekamp Hall 2163, (574) 520-4409, Click here to send mail

Shawn Nichols-Boyle, Acting Director of the ESL Program
Wiekamp Hall 3183, (574) 520-4360, Click here to send mail

Nancy Botkin, Acting Director of First Year Writing
Wiekamp Hall 3155, (574) 520-4886, Click here to send mail

Clerical Personnel

Linda Schultz-Heidrich, Administrative Assistant to the Dean
Wiekamp Hall 3300D, (574) 520-4290, Click here to send mail

Catherine Page-Vanore,Secretary to the Associate Deans 
Wiekamp Hall 3300, (574) 520-4267, Click here to send mail

Sharon McFarland,Secretary for International Programs and CLAS Deans Office 
Wiekamp Hall 3300, (574) 520-4289, Click here to send mail

Betty Haluda, Part-Time Secretary/Receptionist
Wiekamp Hall 3300, Click here to send mail

CLAS Advisors

Christine Chmielewski, Academic Advisor
Wiekamp Hall 3189, (574) 520-6565, Click here to send mail

Julie Wells, Academic Advisor
Wiekamp Hall 3187, (574) 520-4658, Click here to send mail

Trisha Miller, Academic Advisor
Wiekamp Hall 3181, (574) 520-4212, Click here to send mail

Karen Christopher, Academic Advisor and Assistant Director, General Studies Program
Wiekamp Hall 3183, (574) 520-4478, Click here to send mail

Jennifer Evans, Peer Mentor
Wiekamp Hall 3185, (574) 520-4432, Click here to send mail

Organizational Chart

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Department Chairs and Program Directors

Andrew Schnabel, Department of Biological Sciences
Northside Hall 134E, (574) 520-4413, Click here to send mail

Gretchen Anderson, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Northside Hall 041, (574) 520-4820, Click here to send mail

Dave Surma, Department of Computer and Information Sciences
Northside Hall 339, (574) 520-4412, Click here to send mail

Qiang Xu, Department of Criminal Justice
Wiekamp Hall 2229, (574) 520-4592, Click here to send mail

Robert Meyer-Lee, Department of English
Wiekamp Hall 3163, (574) 520-4275, Click here to send mail

Bill Feighery, Acting Chair, Department of History (2013-2014)
Wiekamp Hall 3259, (574) 520-4311, Click here to send mail

Michael Darnel, Department of Mathematical Sciences
Northside Hall 325, (574) 520-4296, Click here to send mail

Warren Shrader, Department of Philosophy
Wiekamp Hall 3287, (574) 520-4376, Click here to send mail

Henry Scott, Department of Physics and Astronomy
Northside Hall 357, (574) 520-5527, Click here to send mail

Steven Gerencser, Department of Political Science
Wiekamp Hall 2185, (574) 520-4514, Click here to send mail

Dennis Rodriguez, Department of Psychology
Wiekamp Hall 2131, (574) 520-4396, Click here to send mail

James VanderVeen, Department of Sociology and Anthropology
Wiekamp Hall 2289, (574) 520-4618, Click here to send mail

April Lidinsky, Director, Women's and Gender Studies Program
Wiekamp Hall 2257, (574) 520-4528, Click here to send mail

Oscar Barrau, Department of World Language Studies
Wiekamp Hall 3223, (574) 520-4417, Click here to send mail

Hossein Hakimzadeh, Director, Informatics Program
Northside Hall 336, (574) 520-4517, Click here to send mail

Joseph Chaney, Director, Master of Liberal Studies Program
Wiekamp Hall 3169, (574) 520-4870, Click here to send mail

Jake Mattox, Director, Master of Arts in English Program
Wiekamp Hall 3181, (574) 520-4408, Click here to send mail

Yi Cheng, Director, Master of Science in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science Program
Northside Hall 321, (574) 520-4519, Click here to send mail

Bruce McDonald, Director, Master of Public Affairs Program
Wiekamp Hall 2171, (574) 520-4136, Click here to send mail

Dave Vollrath, Interim Director, General Studies Program
Administration Building 211E, (574) 520-4288, Click here to send mail