Departments and Programs

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African American Studies (Minor)
AmericanStudies (Minor)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Art History  (Minor)
Biological Sciences (Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Minor)
Chemistry and Biochemistry (Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Minor)
Computer and Information Sciences (Master of Science, Bachelor of Science, Minor, Certificate)
Cognitive Science (Minor)
Criminal Justice (Bachelor of Science, Minor)
East Asian Studies (Minor)
English (Master of Arts, Bachelor of Arts, Minor, Certificate)
European Studies (Minor)
Film Studies (Minor)
General Studies (Bachelor of General Studies)
Gerontology (Minor)
History (Bachelor of Arts, Minor)
Informatics (Bachelor of Science, Minor, Certificate)
International Studies (Minor, Certificate)
Latin American/Latino Studies (Minor)
Liberal Studies (Master of Liberal Studies)
Mathematical Sciences (Master of Science, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts, Minor)
Philosophy (Bachelor of Arts, Minor)
Physics and Astronomy (Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts, Minor)
Political Science (Bachelor of Arts, Minor)
Psychology (Bachelor of Arts, Minor)
Public Affairs (Master of Public Affairs)
Religious Studies (Minor)
Sociology and Anthropology (Bachelor of Arts, Minor)
Sustainability Studies (Minor)
Women's and Gender Studies (Bachelor of Arts, Minor)
World Language Studies (Bachelor of Arts, Minor)