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Why Study the Liberal Arts and Sciences

A student new to university life might ask—why should I undertake a broad liberal arts education?  Of what use is it?   We could as easily ask, of what use is a university education without it? 

The liberal arts and sciences empower students to think deeply and independently while providing the intellectual tools and discipline necessary for rigorous and useful problem solving, further learning beyond the classroom, and the self-awareness and reflection necessary to a well-lived life. 

  • Want to captain your own ship through life?  Then you need the variety of skills and knowledge taught in the Liberal Arts and Sciences.
  • Hope to understand who you are, where you came from, and your relationships to others and the physical world around you?  Then the Liberal Arts and Sciences will give you the skills and knowledge you need.
  • Curious about the increasingly globalized life of the 21st century?  Then the Liberal Arts and Sciences have much to offer you in courses based in cultural and physical environments around the world, international travel experiences, and language study.
  • Desire to demonstrate that you can use your new knowledge?  Many majors offer the opportunity for undergraduates to engage in research, fieldwork, or other hands-on experiences.
  • Imagine graduate or professional school in your future?  CLAS programs are ideal for individuals who plan to undertake post-graduate study leading to lives in the law, medicine, the ministry, research, or other professions.