STEPs is an activity-centered summer program for high school students entering grades 8-12. Taught by IU South Bend faculty, each of our one-week intensive learning “camps” introduces students to a different area of college study through lively, hands-on projects. All camps are limited to 15 students to ensure maximum engagement with our faculty.


Registration for each program is $125. A 50% discount is available for students with financial need. To apply for the financial assistance discount, please complete this form and send it, along with accompanying documentation, to Lee Kahan, 1700 Mishawaka Ave. P.O. Box 7111, South Bend, IN 46634. You can also send a pdf of the form and documentation to

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For more information, contact Lee Kahan, Associate Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, at 574-520-4267 or

STEPS Information Packet


Make a Scene!

June 19-23 from 9am-12pm
Education & Arts 1017

Students will restage a scene from a movie to learn about visual storytelling and the many roles involved in bringing a movie to the silver screen, from actors and directors to cinematographers and set designers.

Creative Writing: Flash Fiction

June 26-30 from 1pm-4pm
Education & Arts 1017

Students will learn how to write flash fiction—a form of creative writing that tells a complete story in the fewest words possible without losing meaning. This entails learning how to edit their work, how to read each other’s work and give constructive criticism, and how to get their work published.

Mapping the Present

July 10-14 from 9am-12pm 
Wiekamp Hall 2210

Students will analyze artifacts to learn how archaeologists study the past. They will then learn how to make maps of an environment—one of the first steps in archaeological field work.

Battle of the Bots

July 17-21 from 1pm-4pm
Northside Hall 340

Students will learn basics of programming in Scratch/Python as they design and assemble a robot using Raspberry Pi and Lego parts, motors, and sensors. On the last of the camp, students will show off their work in a robot competition.

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