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The Dean's Scholarships and the Gerkin Scholarship

The College is pleased to provide four merit scholarships to qualified students. There are three Dean's Scholarships--in the Humanities, in the Social and Behavioral Sciences, and in the Natural Sciences. Each scholarship carries an award of $500. Students majoring in the Physical Sciences, Mathematics, Computer Science, or Informatics are eligible to apply for the Gerkin Scholarship. This scholarship carries an award of $1,000. To be eligible for one of these scholarships, students must be completing a major within the College, have completed at least 48 hours by the end of the spring semester in which they are applying, and have earned at least a 3.5 overall grade point average. Applications for  scholarships and all requisite materials are due to the Office of the Associate Dean in DW3300 by March 1.

  Scholarship Information
   Scholarship Application

The J. Wesley and Roberta Robbins Scholarship

J. Wesley Robbins joined the IU South Bend faculty in 1967 and was co-founder of the Philosophy Department, in which he served for 36 years. Roberta Robbins is an alumna of the IU South Bend School of Business and Economics. She served for a number of years on the Alumni Board. Preference will be given to students who exhibit an interest in the interaction of science and religion, by their coursework and stated research interests. This scholarship is for $500. Applications for the scholarship and all requisite materials are due to the Office of the Associate Dean in DW3300 by March 1.

Scholarship Information         Scholarship Application.

Other Scholarship Opportunities

Several departments within the College also administer scholarships for their majors: Biology (Coffman, Grens), Chemistry (Nazaroff), Computer Science (Russo, Knight), Criminal Justice (DeGuch, Dulcet), History (Lamon, Pope), Mathematical Sciences (Allen), Physics (CTS), and Sociology/Anthropology (Fritschner, Royer). See the Scholarship website or the individual department websites for more information about these opportunities.