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Cognitive Science Faculty

Various departments in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences cooperate to offer a minor in Cognitive Science. An interdisciplinary divisional committee oversees the minor program. The following faculty members currently serve on the Cognitive Science Committee. Students interested in pursuing the Cognitive Science minor can contact any of the Cognitive Science Committee members listed below.

Igor Juricevic, Psychology (520-4285;

Murlidharan Nair, Biology and Computer science/Informatics(520-5068;

Mike Scheessele, Computer and Information Sciences (520-4815;

Carolyn Schult, Psychology (520-4118;

Warren Shrader, Philosophy (520-4376;

Dana Vrajitoru, Computer and Information Sciences (520-4525;

Joshua Wells, Anthropology (520-4434;

Hang Dinh (Committee Chair), Computer and Information Sciences (520-4621;

Lyle Zynda, Philosophy (520-5512;

Rolf Schimmrigk, Physics (520-4401;