Community-Engaged Courses

Did you know that you can get credit for community service? Check out this list of courses that have a community component. Some of these courses even count towards major requirements!

Course NameDept.Course NumberInstructor Last NameInstructor First NameSemester(s) Typically Offered
Community Assessment & Planning IAHSCC425QuimbyKristynFall Semesters
Program Assessment, Planning, and Evaluation IIAHSCC435QuimbyKristynSpring Semesters
Intercultural Health CommunicationAHSCH330DielmanCarmenFall Semesters
Research Methods in AnthropologyANTHA370BlouinDavidFall Semesters
Field & Laboratory EcologyBIOLL474MarrDebOdd Year Fall Semesters
The Natural World: Environmental BiologyBIOLN390MarrDebOdd Year Spring Semesters
Retail StrategyBUSM419BindrooVishalSpring Semesters
Data ManagementBUSS307MerhiMohammadFall Semesters
Community Assessment & Program PlanningDHYGH477EdmondsonMalloryFall Semesters
Evaluation of Health Promotion ProgramsDHYGH478Edmondson
Spring Semesters
Science in the Elementary SchoolsEDUCE328HebertTerriSpring and Fall Semesters (not always as CE course)
Exploring Personal Demands of Teaching: Laboratory ExperienceEDUCF201HeckMarshaSpring and Fall Semesters
Exploring Personal Demands of Teaching: Field ExperienceEDUCF202HeckMarshaSpring and Fall Semesters
Latino & AA Civil Rights MovementsHISTH124Froysland
Second Summer Semesters
Proseminar for History MajorsHISTJ495TetzlaffMonicaSpring Semesters
World Literary and Intellectual Traditions: Humans & the EnvironmentHISTT190TetzlaffMonicaSpring, Fall, and Even Year First Summer Semesters
Freshman Honors SeminarHONH100KarakatsanisNeoviSpring, Fall, and Summer Semesters
Community Assessment & Program PlanningHSCH477EdmondsonMalloryFall Semesters
Evaluation of Health Promotion ProgramsHSCH478Edmondson
Spring Semesters
Health Promotion & Disease PreventionHSCN390Quimby
Spring Semesters
Public Relations CampaignsJOURJ429McInerneyKimSpring Semesters
Introduction to American PoliticsPOLSY103BennionElizabethSpring, Fall, and First Summer Semesters
Topics in Public Affairs: Urban Policy, Development, & PlanningPOLSY625SmithJamieOdd Year Fall Semesters
Human Behavior & Social Institutions: Psychology & Social JusticePSYB190BryantDeSpring, Fall, and First Summer Semesters
Human Behavior & Social Institutions: Spirituality & Social JusticePSYB399BryantDeSpring, Fall, and Second Summer Semesters
Human Behavior & Social Institutions: Inequality in AmericaSOCB399SernauScottFall Semesters
Human Behavior & Social InstitutionsSOCB399SernauScottSpring Semesters
Sociology Capstone SeminarSOCR498McGuireGailSpring Semesters
Social StratificationSOCS317SernauScottFall Semesters
World Societies & CulturesSOCS362SernauScottSpring Semesters
Research Methods in SociologySOCS370BlouinDavidFall Semesters
Spanish for Health Care Personnel: Costa Rica Study AbroadSPANS160Hebert-AnnisCatiSecond Summer Semesters
Second Year Spanish 1SPANS203Fong-MorganTammySpring, Fall, and First Summer Semesters
Spanish for Public ServicesSPANS206JonesHeatherSpring Semesters
Hispanic Culture and Conversation SPANS275JonesHeatherFall Semesters
Spanish American Literature 2SPANS472Fong-MorganTammyFall Semesters
Foreign Study in Spanish: Study Abroad, Costa RicaSPANS496Hebert-AnnisCatiSecond Summer Semesters
Literary & Intellectual Traditions: Costa Rica Study AbroadSPANT190Fong-MorganTammySecond Summer Semesters
Literary & Intellectual Traditions: Costa Rica Study AbroadSPANT390Fong-MorganTammySecond Summer Semesters
The Sustainable FutureSUSTB190BaileyKristaSpring, Fall, and First Summer Semesters
Human Behavior & Social Institutions: Just Food: Sustainable Food SystemsSUSTB399BaileyKristaFall and First Summer Semesters
Measuring SustainabilitySUSTS360BaileyKristaSpring and Fall Semesters
Sustainability PracticumSUSTS490BaileyKristaSpring Semesters
Sustainability StrategiesSUSTS501BaileyKristaEven Year Fall Semesters
Topics in Strategic Sustainability Leadership: Measuring SustainabilitySUSTS610BaileyKristaOdd Year Fall and Even Year Spring Semesters
Sustainable Food SystemsSUSTS630BaileyKristaOdd Year Spring Semesters
Strategic Sustainability Leadership PracticumSUSTS690BaileyKristaSpring Semesters
Research Methods in Women's StudiesWGSW299BlouinDavidFall Semesters
Public Relations WritingJOURJ390MancinoMatthewFall Semesters

Cross-Listed Courses

  • ANTH-A370, SOC-S370, & WGS-W299
  • DHYG-H477 & HSC-H477
  • DHYG-H478 & HSC-H478
  • HSC-N390, SOC-B399, & SOC-S362
  • SPAN-S160, SPAN-S496, SPAN-T190, & SPAN-T390
  • SUST-S490 & SUST-S690

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