Linux Printers

Printing From Linux

Use the lpr command followed by the printer name and the file to print.  The printers available in our labs are cslp1, cslp2, and cslp3. Currently printing can only be done from one of the lab workstations, so cs01 through cs06 have no access to the printers. The use of printers is restricted the following way:

cslp1 - workstations in NS 207A
cslp2 - workstations in NS 207B
cslp3 - workstations in NS 209

The print command can be used the following way, where the option –P specifies the printer - see above:
lpr -Pcslp1 your-filename-to-print

Cancel Printing From Linux

To cancel printing, enter lpq and the printer name with the –P option. This gives you the job’s queue number. Then enter lprm, the printer name with the –P option, and the job number to remove.

Example.  Enter lpq & printer at prompt:   lpq  -Pcslp1
Output show jobs:   Rand    Owner    Job     Files    Total Size 
 1st  bgriff     4  cs.cpp  408 bytes
To remove job #4 enter:    lprm –Pcslp1 4

Printing From Windows or MacOS

No special procedures required.  However, when the Windows "Print" dialog box appears check that cslp1, 2, or 3 is the default printer, depending on the lab where you are.  If it is not, enter "cslp1", 2, or 3 in the "Printer Name" box.

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