USB and External Drives

USB Commands

Check for Linux compatibality. Many are not supported by Linux.

In most cases, plugging in the USB drive or CD will cause it to be automatically mounted. The icon will appear on the desktop in that case.

The mount point is most likely goind to be /MEDIA/usb or /MEDIA/CD or some other similar name.

The following commands can be used to manually mount or umount the drive:

    mount /mnt/memdrive  Insert drive before mounting.
 Mounts the usb drive at /mnt/memdrive.
 Use Linux commands to copy and manipulate files.
    umount /mnt/memdrive
    unmount /MEDIA/CD
 Unmounts the usb or CD drive. Unmount before removing drive.
    eject /MEDIA/CD  Unmounts the drive and ejects it.

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