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Thumbdrive in Computer

Personal Web Site

Follow these steps to set up your personal web site accessable from your Linux account.

1. Set the permissin of your home directory to world executable.
    Enter: cd
Enter: chmod o+x .
The first command moves you to the root of your home directory.
    The second adds executable to the permission for others.  Don't forget the period.

2. Add a directory to hold your web pages.
    Enter: mkdir public_html

3. Set the permission of your web page directory to world executable.
    Enter: chmod o+x public_html

4. Copy your web pages to your public_html directory.
    If they are on a floppy disk you can use the mcopy command to copy them to Linux.

5. Your home page file must be named: index.html

6. All files in your public_html directory must be world readable.
    First move to your public_html directory then
    Enter: chmod o+r *

7. Test your new web site.  First start firefox, then

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