Personal Web Site

Follow these steps to set up your personal web site accessable from your Linux account.

1. Set the permissin of your home directory to world executable.
    Enter: cd
Enter: chmod o+x .
The first command moves you to the root of your home directory.
    The second adds executable to the permission for others.  Don't forget the period.

2. Add a directory to hold your web pages.
    Enter: mkdir public_html

3. Set the permission of your web page directory to world executable.
    Enter: chmod o+x public_html

4. Copy your web pages to your public_html directory.
    If they are on a floppy disk you can use the mcopy command to copy them to Linux.

5. Your home page file must be named: index.html

6. All files in your public_html directory must be world readable.
    First move to your public_html directory then
    Enter: chmod o+r *

7. Test your new web site.  First start firefox, then

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